A Challenge to Honour in All Things.


Honour Found, Author Robert Barriger available for media interviews.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. April 29, 20011.  Dallas, TX.  

The media intensive world has eroded and changed the customary behaviors of respect and civility in our daily lives. Honor is more than a virtue is an essential principle of life and destiny.  In the May release of Honour Found, Experiencing the Power of the Honour Principle and How it Can Add Significance to Your Life, Pastor Robert Barriger explains the deep need to both give and live this valuable truth.

“Honour is more than a tribute given to super heroes and athletes,” explains Barriger. “Honour is also a verb that requires action, love and going the second mile.  Honour is something we all want but it only comes after we have given.  We need to remember to honour the everyday heroes in our homes, churches, armed forces and communities.”  In his new book, Barriger explains the principles and scriptural foundations of honour by using stories from the bible and of great leaders like George Washington and other American Military Combat heroes. 

“Honour is more than respect it is a celebration and appreciation of the value and contributions and sacrifices others have made for us and the world,” Barriger concludes.  “The principle of Honour is critically needed in our world today.”

Honour Found has received endorsements from Christian leaders such as Brian Houston, Hillsong Church, best selling author John Maxwell, Tommy Tenny and others:

“Honour Found is a great resource that provides insight on the principal of honour, and how to practically apply this principal for success with those you lead, as well as those who lead you.”
-John C. Maxwell, Best Selling Author, Leadership Expert and Founder of The John Maxwell Company.

He has issued a call to our generation, summoning us to understand the respect and the character that pleases God and ennobles those around us.
-Stephen Mansfield, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Robert Barriger is a man whose life has defined the very meaning of honor and this book is the blueprint for learning how to live a God honoring life to those all around us.  Displaying honor is not a lost art, and this book proves just how powerful honor can be."
- Dino Rizzo, Lead Pastor, Healing Place Church

In this book you will discover one of the greatest, but least understood and practiced principles of Scripture -- the principle of honor. As you read, your heart and mind will come alive with hope and encouragement.
-Dale O’Shields, Senior Pastor, Church of the Redeemer, Gaithersburg, MD

Honour Found, Experiencing the Power of the Honour Principle and How it Can Add Significance to Your Life is available in all stores May 5.  It is published by Harrison House.

Pastor Robert Barriger is founder of the largest church in Lima, Peru, Camino de Vida (Way of Life Church). Pastor Barriger and his wife Karyn have spent over 26 years starting ministries including churches, orphanages, children’s ministries, wheelchair distribution centers, medical ministries, and battered women’s homes throughout the country.

With a handful of young but excited believers, he started a church and today Camino de Vida is a fast growing church of 5,000.  Not only that, but Pastor Barriger is involved in a nationwide church planting movement and training for global pastors.  Pastor Barriger and Karyn have a deep love for children, and helped start two orphanages that are recognized for excellence in care.

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