Enea AB: Full-Year Report for 2006

New Generation of Products Launched

Fourth Quarter
- Net sales increased by 5 percent to SEK 206 (197) million.
- Software sales increased by 1 percent to SEK 70 (69) million, accounting for 34 percent of sales.
- Operating profit increased by 24 percent to SEK 21 (17) million and operating margin was 10 (8) percent.
- Profit after tax was SEK 14 (11) million.
- Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.04 (0.03).

Full Year
- Net sales increased by 3 percent to SEK 750 (726) million.
- Software sales increased by 9 percent to SEK 271 (250) million.
- Operating profit increased by 20 percent to SEK 68 (56) million and operating margin strengthened to 9 (8) percent.
- Negative currency effects on operating profit totaled SEK -4.4 (3.0) million.
- Profit after tax was SEK 48 (69) million at which capitalization of deferred tax had a positive effect of SEK 24 million in 2005
- Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.13 (0.19).
- Significant expansion of product portfolio – capitalized development costs totaled SEK 33.1 (3.7) million.

Please find the complete report in the enclosed file.

About Us

About EneaEnea is a global supplier of network software platforms and world class services, with a vision of helping customers develop amazing functions in a connected society. We are committed to working together with customers and leading hardware vendors as a key contributor in the open source community, developing and hardening optimal software solutions. Every day, more than three billion people around the globe rely on our technologies in a wide range of applications in multiple verticals – from Telecom and Automotive, to Medical and Avionics. We have offices in Europe, North America and Asia, and are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Discover more at www.enea.com and start a conversation at info@enea.com


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