Enea Builds E-trade Solutions to KG Knutsson

Enea Builds E-trade Solutions to KG Knutsson Enea Business Software AB builds e-trade platforms to KG Knutsson AB (KGK), whose customers get support in the sense of an individual adaptable e-trade solution place, with access to a vehicle card index. The technical solution is based upon system components from Enea. KGK develops a powerful e-trade platform for their customers. The platform offers a possibility to adjustable Web Networks in order to sell KGK's assortment to customers. The system gives also total access to a vehicle card index in order to give faster and more secure choice of components than current system. As a supplier of e-trade platforms, KGK has chosen Enea Business Software. The final solution will be brought onto the market during the six first months of the year 2002. - KGK has chosen Enea as supplier, since, Enea is in a superior class and can offer us the shortest time to get it running. The reason why Enea can shorten the manufacture time is due to the fact that Enea can use several ready made system modules, says the Project leader at KGK. - We have long experience of developing e-trade solutions for industries and trade markets. KGK's application is totally in alignment with our technical competence and in our market direction, says Juha Juslin, President at Enea Business Software. The technical solutions are based, in the first place, on fundamental configurations, by Enea's recyclable system components: Matrix and Vaktis extended with specific functionality to KGK's unique needs. Matrix gives high flexibility through its structure and possibility to publish information through several media. The component gives possibilities to build systems with powerful navigation by using links related to information. Different presentations of data can be connected to the structure. Vaktis is a role based and distributed access control system. The principal purpose with the system is to handle the access control system of users in environment with a wide range of systems from different suppliers. This streamlines the development and facilitates administration of secure distributed applications. The usage of these system components gives a cost-effective system development and short delivery time. For further information, call President Juha Juslin at Enea Business Software AB, phone no. + 46 8 - 5071 4000, mail juha.juslin@enea.se . The Enea Group offers products, services and training for system and product developers mainly within communication and safety critical applications as well as to other companies where high quality is essential. Our more than 30 years of experience and concept within real-time system contributes to our clients´ fast and safe product development for advanced applications. Enea´s world leading real-time operating system OSE is the kernel in many products from data- and telecom providers. The Enea Group, today counting 880 employees, is located, apart from Sweden where HQ resides at Täby, in Finland, Germany, France, England, Japan and USA, where the HQ for the subsidiary OSE Systems is in San José. KG Knutsson AB is a general agent of world leading manufactures and suppliers of technical high quality products within vehicle- and marine trade. Apart from Sweden, where the main office is situated at Sollentuna, carries our business in Norway, Finland and the Baltic States. The amount of employees is 650 and the sales turn over is SEK 1.6 billion. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/12/03/20011203BIT00650/bit0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2001/12/03/20011203BIT00650/bit0001.pdf