Johan Wall new CEO of Enea

Johan Wall new CEO of Enea Ola Berglund has informed the Board of Enea Data AB that he wishes to leave after four years as the CEO. The Board has therefore decided to appoint Johan Wall as the new CEO starting March 29, 2004. Johan Wall, who was born in 1964 and holds a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, has technical development experience from his time with the largest telecom operator in the U.S., Verizon in Boston. He started the Internet consulting company Netsolutions in 1995 and was the CEO until 1999 when the company was acquired by Framfab. Johan Wall then acted as the manager of Framfab's Swedish and international consulting business. In 2000, he was appointed CEO of Framfab and led the reconstruction of the company for two years. Johan Wall has since been active at Stanford University in California. Enea Data AB is a world leading supplier of operating systems and consulting services for real-time applications with a focus on demanding systems within the telecom industry with customers such as Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Agere and Infineon. As a result of the severe downturn in this industry, among others, the Board and management of Enea have carried out a reconstruction of the company over the last few years. This has included development of a new strategy and organization, comprehensive staff and other cost reductions as well as strengthening equity through a new stock issue to shareholders. This entire program was strongly led and driven by the company's CEO, Ola Berglund. "It has been tough, but stimulating to implement the reconstruction," says Berglund. "But everything has its day, and now that it is complete and Enea is showing a positive earnings trend, it is an appropriate time to turn the responsibility over to fresh hands with a focus on driving the next stage of Enea's development." "I am extremely pleased that the Board can now welcome Johan Wall as the new CEO for the next phase of the new Enea's development. Johan has proven that he can lead and develop knowledge-based companies, that he masters IT and telecommunications, and he also has a strong market and sales profile," says Staffan Ahlberg, Chairman of the Board. "Enea is in an interesting position with modern and technically advanced products, world-leading customers and a global presence with competent employees," Johan Wall says. "And there seems to be good potential to further develop the company. I am therefore very excited to take on the responsibility for Enea at this stage." Questions regarding this press release will be answered during the previously announced conference call regarding the release of the 2003 year-end report. The conference call is to be held on Friday, February 6, at 11:00 AM CET in Swedish and 3:00 PM CET in English. Phone numbers: +46 (0)8-727 77 50 11:00 AM CET in Swedish +46 (0)8-727 77 51 3:00 PM CET in English Questions may also be posed directly to: Chairman of the Board Staffan Ahlberg, +46 (0)706-27 24 20 CEO, Enea Data Ola Berglund, +46 (0)709-71 44 17 Entering CEO Johan Wall, +46 (0)705-54 18 00 With Enea's 35 years' experience of system development and know-how in real-time technology, we help our customers in Sweden and the rest of the world to build advanced systems where quality, high availability and usability are crucial. We share our knowledge through our products, services and training programs. With support in our internally developed real-time technology, we have helped many customers realize their concepts in a safe and cost- effective manner. Today Enea's world-leading real-time operating system OSE is the core of many data and telecommunications suppliers' products. Within Scandinavia Enea also offers services, training and system solutions for business support to companies, organizations and authorities with high standards of usability and reliability. The Group has 550 employees and is located in Sweden, the U.S., Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan. The headquarters are located in Täby, Sweden. Enea Data AB's stocks are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's Attract-40 list. For more information, please visit our websites at, and ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: