Latest News in English: Enersize recruits new Head of Research and starts Swedish Subsidiary for R&D

Enersize has Recruited Anders Sjögren former CTO and Head of Research of Anoto Group (STO:ANOT) as the companys Head of Research.

Anders will be hired in Enersize newly founded subsidary Enersize Advanced Research AB in which all R&D activities in Lund, Sweden will be located. The Subsidary will be managed by Anders on a daily basis and is fully owned and financed by Enersize Oyj.

Anders has a PhD in Physiks from Lund Institute of Technology and long international experience from R&D.

Anders Sjögren will be employed 80% and receive market based salary as well as a maximum of 100.000 out of the maximum 1.577.000 options dedicated for employees.




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