Barbara Donoghue and Urban Jansson to join Eniro's Board of Directors

Shareholders representing approximately 17 percent of the shares have declared their intention to support the election of Barbara Donoghue and Urban Jansson and the re-election of John Abrahamson, Lars Berg, Per Bystedt, Lars Guldstrand and Birgitta Klasén to the Board of Directors at Eniro's Annual General Meeting on March 31, 2003. The present chairman Björn Svedberg and Jan Rudberg have declined to be put forward for re-election. As has previously been announced, Lars Berg has been proposed as new chairman of the Board of Directors.   Barbara Donoghue is an acknowledged expert in the media and new media sectors. She is a member of the Board of the UK's Independent Television Commission and a Teaching Fellow in Strategic and International Management at the London Business School. Barbara Donoghue has twenty years experience in investment banking in New York and London with Bankers Trust and NatWest.  Her broad international experience includes advisory and financing work for media and communications clients across Europe, North America and Asia. Barbara Donoghue is Canadian, holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Business Administration, both from McGill University, Canada and is resident in the UK.   Urban Jansson holds a diploma in Economics, has extensive experience in industrial and service management from the SEB banking group (1967-1984), the investment company Incentive Group (1984-1992) and as CEO of the investment company Ratos (1992-1998). Mr Jansson is presently chairman of the Board of Proffice and Plantagen AS and is proposed as chairman of Drott. He is a member of the Board of Addtech, Ahlstrom Corp, Anoto Group, Pyrosequencing and SEB.   The nomination process has been carried out in a group consisting of the chairman Björn Svedberg and Jan Rudberg, member of the board, together with Svein R. Högset of Goldman Sachs International, Wouter Rosing of Hermes Focus Asset Management, Peter Rudman of Nordeas funds, Marianne Nilsson of Robur funds and Björn Lind of SEB funds. For further information: Björn Svedberg, Chairman, tel +46 8 545 01 777 Lars Berg, Member of the Board, tel +46 8 685 04 69 Lars Guldstrand, President and CEO, tel +46-8-634 70 01 Eniro is one of Northern Europe's leading players in directional media with search related services in all channels such as printed directories, Internet, telephone and through mobile applications. Every day over 5 million searches are carried out through our services. During 2002 Eniro published over 700 directories with a total circulation of 28 million and on Internet over 600 million searches were carried out. In 2002 revenues amounted to SEK 4 737 M and operating profit before depreciation (EBITDA) amounted to SEK 940 M. Eniro has operations in 19 countries and about 4 200 employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker

About Us

Eniro is a search company that aggregates, filters and organizes local information. Our growth is driven by users’ increasing mobility and multiscreen behavior, where we are at the forefront with modern technical solutions. For more than 100 years Eniro has helped people find local information and companies find customers. Today it is a multiscreen solution – our users search for information using their smart phones, tablets and desktops. Mobile advertising is today the fastest growing part of Eniro’s business. Eniro is the local search engine. A smart shortcut to what you need, no matter where you are or where you are going. Eniro is one of the largest search companies in the Nordic region and Poland. The company has approximately 2,000 employees and has been listed on NASDAQ Stockholm since 2000. During 2014, Eniro revenues amounted to SEK 3,002m and EBITDA was SEK 631m. Approximately 88 percent of Eniro advertising revenues come from multiscreen channels. The company’s headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. More on Eniro at Eniro – Discover local. Search local.