Eniro publishes timetable for reverse share split of ordinary shares

At the Annual General Meeting of Eniro AB on April 25, 2018, it was resolved to reverse share split of 1: 100 ordinary shares, whereby 100 ordinary shares are consolidated into one (1) ordinary share and to authorize the Board to decide on the record date. The resolution regarding reverse share split of ordinary shares and the amendment of the article of association has been registered at Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). Eniro’s Board has today, based on the authorization, decided the record date for the reverse share split of ordinary shares of series A to May 30, 2018.

Timetable for reverse share split:

May 28, 2018     Last day for trading with Eniro’s ordinary share of series A, including the right to reverse share split.

May 29, 2018     First day for trading with Eniro’s ordinary share of series A, excluding the right to reverse share split. The trading price will from this day forward reflect the effect of the reverse share split.

May 30, 2018     Record date for the reverse share split of the ordinary share of series A.

Shareholders does not have to take any actions to be part of the reverse share split.

Those shareholders who, on the record date, do not hold a number of ordinary shares series A that divides equal to 100, will free of charge, receive as many shares needed from a guarantor to allow shareholders shares to be evenly divided by 100. The so-called equalization shares will be provided by Euroclear Sweden, without shareholders with holdings of ordinary shares of series A taking further actions.

As a consequence of the reverse share split Eniro’s ordinary shares of series A will change ISIN-code. From May 22, 2018, and onwards the share will be traded with the new ISIN- code SE0011256312.

A reverse share split on ordinary shares of series B, which are not subject to trading, will take place in connection to the reverse share split of the ordinary shares of series A. The new ISIN-code for the ordinary shares of series B will be SE0011256320.

By the reverse share split the total number of shares will decrease from 6,652,338,084 shares to 66,779,569 shares. The number of ordinary shares of series A will decrease from 6,168,208,341 to 61,682,083 and the number of shares of ordinary shares of series B will decrease from 483,870,966 to 4,838,709. Preferential shares will not be subject to a reverse share split, the number of shares are unchanged 258,777. After completed reversed share split each share will have a quota value of approximately SEK 17.93 per share.

The guarantor will be compensated for supplying the equalization shares by a new share issue.

For more information, please contact:

Joachim Berner, Chairman of the Board Eniro, phone +46 70 620 11 50

Örjan Frid, CEO Eniro, phone +46 70 561 1615

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This document has been prepared in Swedish and translated into English. In the event of any discrepancies between the Swedish and the translation, the former shall take precedence.  

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