Result of Meeting

(incorporated in England and Wales under the Registration Number 07140891)

We refer to the notice of adjourned meeting from EnQuest PLC (the "Company") dated 17 October 2014 (the "Notice of Adjourned Meeting"). Terms used but not defined in this notice have the meaning given in the Notice of AdjournedMeeting.

Notice is hereby given to the holders of the Retail Notes that at the Adjourned Meeting of Retail Noteholders held at the offices of Ashurst LLP at Broadwalk House, 5 Appold Street, London EC2A 2HA on 5 November 2014 at 11.00 a.m. the Extraordinary Resolution set out in the Notice of Adjourned Meeting and previously notified to Retail Noteholders in accordance with the terms of the Trust Deed was duly passed.

The Company has delivered to the Trustee the Amendment Agreement duly executed by the parties thereto and each of the Company, the Guarantors and the Trustee has executed and delivered the Supplemental Trust Deed. In addition, the Trustee has acceded to the Guarantee and Subordination Agreement by way of the execution and delivery of the Creditor Accession Undertaking.

This Notice is given by:

EnQuest PLC
Fifth Floor, Cunard House,
15 Regent Street,
London SW1Y 4LR


6 November 2014


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