Entrada Group Interviews Roel Spee of Plant Location International (IBM-PLI) about Low Cost Manufacturing in Mexico Trends

Brussels, Belgium — May 9, 2012. Entrada Group presents the latest installment of its offshore manufacturing podcast series: “What to Consider When Choosing a Low Cost Manufacturing Location”.

During this interview conducted by Doug Donahue, Principle and Vice President of Business Development for the Entrada Group, Roel Spee, Global Leader of Plant Location International (IBM-PLI), outlines why he thinks Mexico will continue to maintain its top position in attracting global foreign investment. He discusses:

  • What makes Mexico such an attractive manufacturing location over China
  • Significant reasons for establishing operations in Mexico
  • Factors manufacturers should take into consideration when selecting a site
  • How location can influence labor costs and turnover within Mexico

Roel has 25 years of experience as location strategy and economic development consultant with strong know-how in advising international companies in a broad variety of industries and investment projects.

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Entrada Group is a leading manufacturing shelter operator. It partners with international manufacturers seeking to enhance their competitiveness in the global market by swiftly and easily establishing a low-cost production facility in Mexico and the Americas to serve North American markets. On behalf of the manufacturer, Entrada Group oversees the legal and practical requirements of setting up operations in the host country and provides ongoing production support services, which leaves the client free to focus on its key competency: manufacturing.





Mexico is an excellent location, very close to the most important consumer market in the world, the USA, together with Canada
Roel Spee
The key issue iswhether you serve the market in North America from nearby or from a destination far away such as China or elsewhere in Asia. The supply chain cost is a key factor when looking into transporting goods overseas from China to North America and there is a cost factor associated with that. That is quite different from Mexico, obviously. Transportation costs there are important.
Roel Spee