Epic and British Airways win Brandon Hall Award

We’re delighted to announce that ‘Aviation Medicine’, developed in partnership with British Airways, has won Bronze at the prestigious 2010 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards.

British Airways were keen to streamline their cabin crew induction and asked Epic to review the aviation medicine face-to-face programme. With 35 million passengers every year, and 35,000 reported medical incidents, it was vital that this critical area of training enhanced British Airways’ ability to deliver outstanding medical care.

A shortened classroom course is now enhanced by world-class e-learning completed before staff join the airline. The e-learning uses a rich mix of games-based exercises, quizzes, 3D graphics, video and branching scenarios to engage users and deliver an outstanding learning experience.

Marcus Boyes, Epic’s Project Director, partnered the British Airways team throughout the design and development process, including the evaluation study. He comments, “Aviation Medicine is a perfect example of e-learning at its best. The programme has proved its effectiveness at all 4 levels of the Kirkpatrick model, delivering a measurable improvement in crew’s ability to manage medical incidents and delivering considerable cost savings for British Airways”.

The blend is being rolled out to 12,000 new recruits over the next 3 years.