Epic completes intensive mobile learning research study for NHS


Epic have recently completed the first intensive mobile learning research study on behalf of the UK’s National Health Service.

The study was commissioned by NHS South Central Strategic Health Authority and took place over a four month period. The purpose of the research was to gain an understanding of the potential benefits of mobile learning for the healthcare workforce, as well as likely challenges and how they could be overcome.

The study aimed to form recommendations and actions that would ensure the NHS were ‘m-learning ready’, both now and in the future.

More than 170 NHS staff participated in the research, from a variety of  practitioner and managerial job roles, across three Trusts.

The findings identified 27 different benefits of mobile learning for the NHS workforce and also identified ways in which mobile learning can contribute to training and assessment, in particular for statutory and mandatory skills.

The research was peer reviewed by Dr Chris Davies, Head of the E-learning Research Group at Oxford University, and Professor John Traxler, the UK’s only Professor of Mobile Learning. John comments, “I think the report does an impressive job in both its findings and recommendations in exposing the complexity of large-scale mobile learning.”

Click here to download a full copy of the report.