Ericsson demos 3G broadcast solutions for the future mobile Internet reporter

Ericsson demonstrates 3G broadcast solutions for the future mobile Internet reporter Ericsson, together with media- and technology company Popwire, will today demonstrate a unique solution for live broadcast over WCDMA and the Internet. The demonstration will show the potential of using 3G for live broadcasting. It has been made possible thorough Ericsson's leading position in 3G technology and mobile Internet applications in combination with Popwire's in depth knowledge of Internet broadcasting. Mobile Internet will enable the reporter to send images and text from anywhere, anytime to reach an audience all over the world. Ericsson will supply the solution to make that happen with the 3G systems and applications. rd Using the 3 generation mobile technology, WCDMA, Ericsson will demonstrate how the future mobile systems can be used to broadcast live news to a global audience. Today, during live transmissions media companies have to rely on a satellite up-link to reach an international audience, a complex, time consuming and expensive solution. A solution using 3G to broadcast live feeds over the Internet, will eliminate the need for these costly and resource intensive satellite up-links. An important target group for this technology is telecom operators looking to supply television- and media corporations with turnkey broadcast solutions. "The new technology facilitates transmissions for both the traditional television network as well as the Internet," says Anders Norström, COO, Popwire. "This will be of increasing interest to international media corporations as their web sites become ever more important in the struggle to supply live news coverage first." Popwire has developed what is known as a broadcast mixer, the Popwire Master Control, which receives and distributes signals over the Internet. Put simply this means that the only necessary components for a broadcast are a conventional video camera linked to a mobile phone with a built-in broadcaster. The broadcaster in turn distributes the signal via the Internet. The test transmissions have so far been extremely successful and the focus is now on developing and enhancing the technology further. Ericsson is leading the development of 3G mobile communications and the transition to 3G systems. Ericsson offers a smooth transition path from all 2G systems to 3G systems based on EDGE, WCDMA, and cdma2000. Ericsson is the only supplier with a full range of both second and third generation systems. The company offers a 3G portfolio with end-to-end solutions, including terminals, applications and infrastructure. Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining innovation in mobility and Internet in creating the new era of Mobile Internet. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for customers all over the world. Read more at FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT At Ericsson: Isabella Laihorinne-Smedh, Ericsson Corporate Communications Press Office, Division Mobile Systems Phone:+46 70 6999412 E-mail: Mikael Halén, Director Product Marketing WCDMA Ericsson Phone: +46 70 267 03 09 E-mail: At Popwire: Anders Andersson, CEO Phone: +46 708 34 16 10, +1 917 403 2019 Henrik Kolga, Corporate Communications Director Phone: + 46 733 254 428, +46 8 652 80 60 About Popwire: The Popwire Group consists of three business areas - Popwire Music, Popwire Media and Popwire Technology. The core business concept is the production and distribution of entertainment content. Popwire Music acts as a Pop Star generator giving artists the opportunity to achieve success and allowing the music industry to acquire and launch new stars with a proven track record. Popwire Media is a content producer and distributor, providing Site-, TV-, Radio- and Magazine content to various major portals. Popwire Technology develops IP based applications and broadcasting solutions for the Popwire Group, as well as external partners. The focus is on creating streaming media solutions for the Internet and the third generation of mobile communication. Popwire syndicates content to several major portals and has strategic partnerships with leading technology companies. Popwire has 45 employees, and has offices in London, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo and Madrid. Read more at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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