Ericsson launches new DECT business cordless systems & family of cordless phones to improve business efficiency & save c

Ericsson launches new DECT business cordless systems & family of cordless phones to improve business efficiency & save costs In response to the increasing need for mobility in the working environment, Ericsson has launched new DECT business cordless systems; the DCT1800-S for small to medium sized enterprises and the upgraded DCT1800-GAP R2.0 for medium to large enterprises. Along with these new cordless systems, Ericsson also introduced a new family of digital cordless phones to extend cordless telephony to new environments. Building blocks to a more efficient work place Mobile communication within a work environment enhances customer response and increases productivity by ensuring staff is available anytime, anywhere. The DCT1800-S radio exchange provides the advantages of mobility whilst also protecting the existing communication investment as it is an add-on to any PBX. The radio exchange supports up to 40 users and up to 8 base stations. The DCT1800-S is based on the widely deployed Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard, which ensures that the investment is protected as technology develops. Ericsson has also launched a major upgrade to the DCT1800 GAP radio exchange - the DCT1800 GAP R2.0 solution. This new release supports text messaging. The message server can be programmed to send pre-determined text messages to particular people, for example in case of fire or other emergency or production line fault, as long as the appropriate factory or office equipment is integrated with a cordless telephony system. The system can be programmed to prioritise messages and handsets can be configured with different ring tones to ensure prioritised messages are distinguished. New style broadens the scope of mobility In connection with the newly signed co-operation agreement with Ascom Tateco, a new range of DECT phones, the DT400 series, has been developed. The DT400 phones have easier dial buttons and are more robust than traditional cordless phones for use in environments such as warehouses, productions lines, loading stations, petrochemical plants, etc. @ DT400 the basic DECT phone with inherent robustness for more demanding situations. The phone has an IP54 classified case that is resistant to water spray, dust and soil. The phone includes all the conveniences of a modern handset including one touch dialling; caller ID, built in personalised phone book and the last 10 dialled numbers. The phone includes a SIM card so personally stored numbers can be transferred to another phone by moving the SIM card. @ DT410 as the DT400 with the addition of alphanumeric messaging up to 128 characters. The handset supports simultaneous voice communication and message reception, so important text messages will be received even if talking. @ DT420 as the DT410 with the addition of a personal alarm button and an optional no-movement alarm. The phone incorporates a personal alarm button for people working alone and maybe at personal risk. By pushing the button a pre- set message is sent to summon help. The optional no-movement alarm detects if a person is incapacitated and if there is no response to an acoustic signal the phone then alerts colleagues. @ DT430 is the intrinsically safe phone that is similar to the DT420 but with a tougher IP64-classified casing that can be used in potentially explosive areas and includes the no-movement alarm as standard. The EEx ib IIC T4 approved battery is screw-locked for additional safety within combustible environments. A full range of accessories including a vibrating battery (except for the DT430) and headsets (except the DT430) for noisy environments can customise the DT400 series. In addition to the DT400 series, Ericsson also introduces the stylish DT288 cordless phone that provides mobility at the workplace at an attractive price and the updated DT368 to provide the most advanced cordless telephone offered by Ericsson. @ DT288 is an attractively styled, low weight and long standby/talk time DECT cordless phone: standby up to 150 hours, talk time up to 15 hours and weighs only 139 grams. It includes, depending on the cordless telephone solution deployed, caller ID, a 'who called list' and a message-waiting indicator. @ DT368 has been up-graded to work on any Ericsson or GAP compliant business cordless system. It is the most advance cordless phone that Ericsson has ever targeted at the business cordless telephony market. These new additions complement the range of cordless phones offered by Ericsson, including the recently launched dual-mode TH688 that combines the cost-effectiveness of DECT and the roaming capability of GSM. Future proofing with DECT Ericsson is a pioneer of the DECT standard that provides exceptional voice quality demanded by businesses the world over. Ericsson is the leading supplier of DECT wireless office solutions by supplying over 30,000 wireless systems and more than 850,000 phones in 40 countries - approximately 40percent of the DECT business cordless world market. DECT is a mature technology and being standards based ensures that a wireless business solution can grow with the company. When formulating the DECT standard one of the main requirements was to ensure that the standard was open and future-proof. As a company grows so can the DECT system and even today, DECT is being developed for the future mobile multi-media world. Ericsson is the leading provider in the new telecoms world, with communications solutions that combine telecom and datacom technologies with freedom of mobility for the user. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for its customers - network operators, service providers, enterprises and consumers - the world over. Please visit Ericsson's Press Room at: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Lena Hyttsten, Communications Manager, Ericsson Wireless Office Solutions Tel: +46 70 246 9494, E-mail: Erik Gervedink Nijhuis, Product Manager Business Cordless Telephony Tel: +31 53 450 5793, E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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