Ericsson provides voice mail system to Ethiopia

Ericsson provides voice mail system to Ethiopia Ericsson has signed a contract with operator Ethiopian Telecom for an MXE voice mail system. The system will be installed in Ethiopian Telecom's nationwide network. The MXE solution delivered by Ericsson Messaging Systems is capable of providing 'store and forward' voice messaging for both fixed and mobile networks. The MXE voice mail service is based on the concept of end-user mailboxes. Calls are forwarded from the network to the MXE, enabling the caller to deposit messages into the called party's mailbox. Users can be notified of new messages through different means, and easily retrieve them anytime they want from the MXE via the network. At the customer's request, the Ericsson MXE system replaced a competitor's system in the tender offer. Ethiopian Telecom considered it important to have a turnkey project with all parts coming from Ericsson in a total solution. The customer preferred the flexibility and user friendliness of Ericsson's MXE system. Ericsson began operations in Ethiopia 1894. Last year the company signed an AXE contract to install 280,000 new fixed lines in the country. There are currently below 200,000 fixed telephone subscribers. Ethiopia, with more than 47 million inhabitants, has a penetration rate of fixed telephone lines well below one per cent. In May, Ericsson also signed a contract to deliver the country's first mobile network. Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation will operate a GSM system, which will initially serve 36,000 users in the Addis Ababa area. The mobile network will not initially include voice mail service. Ericsson has also delivered GSM networks to Botswana, Ghana, Libya, Morocco, Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe offering users world-wide international roaming possibilities to and from the African continent. Ericsson´s 100,000 employees are active in more than 130 countries. Their combined expertise in fixed and mobile networks, mobile phones and infocom systems makes Ericsson a world-leading supplier in tele-communications. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Stephan Stureborg, Area Sales Manager, Ericsson Messaging Systems Europe, Middle East & Africa, Ericsson Mobile Systems Phone: +46 8 757 2524; E-mail: Kristina Forsman, Market Communications, Ericsson Messaging Systems, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Ericsson Mobile Systems Phone: +46 8 757 1447; E-mail: Johan Wiklund, Press Relations Manager Ericsson Business Area Mobile Systems Phone: +46 70 560 0134; E-mail: