eTV and TDC Kabel TV in co-operation

eTV and TDC Kabel TV in co-operation The largest Danish cable TV operator, TDC Kabel TV (former Tele Danmark), will be broadcasting the interactive shopping service eTV. The two companies have today signed a contract giving all TDC Kabel TVs' households access to shop and use the interactive services directly from eTV by using the remote control. TDC Kabel TV is highly advanced in digital-TV and interactivity through the TV. The Danish viewers have among other things been able to send e- mail, chat and buy merchandise for a long time. eTV can offer the viewers a large selection of records, VHS and DVD films as well as games. - TDC Kabel TV is exactly the kind of partner we want. They already have an interactive solution that has been tested and is working. We share the same visions in how important interactive TV shortly will be, says Bo Blåeldh, MD eTV Broadcasting AB - eTV fits our range of services. This brand new shop-concept, where the content is combined with possibilities to buy products, is an excellent complement to our other interactive services, says Ulla Visfeldt, Head of Section, TDC Kabel TV eTV is the first entirely interactive TV service in the Nordic countries. Since the beginning of last year it has been broadcasting on the terrestrial platform and during the course of the year the service will start to broadcast both through cable and satellite. The interactive services on eTV are combined with content including entertainment programs, music videos and film trailers. The service is broadcasting 24 hours a day and offers the viewer an easy way to buy products such as records, films and games by using the remote control. TDC Kabel TV TDC Kabel TV A/S is part of the TDC group, previously known as Tele Danmark A/S, Denmark's largest telecommunication company. TDC Kabel TV A/S distributes TV to more than 800.000 households or every third Danish household. TDC Kabel TV has one of the largest and most advanced contiguous cable TV networks in Europe. TDC Kabel TV offers currently more than 120 digital TV channels, interactive TV and Internet access. The marketing name is OnCable. See also About eTV Broadcasting AB eTV is the first entirely interactive TV channel in the Nordic countries. In addition to broadcasting music videos, film trailers and entertainment programs, it is also a market place for records, video films, games, travels and event tickets. The channel has been broadcasting on the terrestrial platform in Sweden since February 2000 and connected households have used the interactivity ever since. From late spring this year the channel will also broadcast to all households connected to the satellite distributor Canal Digital in all Nordic countries. Later this year the channel will also be broadcast to all digital households of Tele Danmark, on their cable platform. This will extend eTV's reach to more than a million and a half people in the Nordic countries. eTV is majority owned by NewMedia SPARK group, the early stage investment company listed on the London's Alternative Investment Market. For further information see For more information please contact: Bo Blåeldh, MD, eTV Broadcasting AB. Tel + 46 (0)8-566 159 05 Kajsa Thunholm, PR/information, eTV Broadcasting AB. Tel + 46 (0)8 566 159 66. Mobile + 46 (0)70 226 63 53 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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eTV is an interactive entertainment channel, and it is also a shop with a wide range of CDs, movies, travel, event tickets and games. eTV Broadcasting AB also offers others access to its skills in adapting interactivity to the television medium.