Swedens first interactive TV channel starts with music and weather

e-shopping now possible from your TV-set Sweden's first interactive TV channel starts with music and weather eTV - Sweden's first interactive television channel - is now broadcasting. Providing an entirely new way of watching television, eTV starts with e- shopping; an ambitious weather forecast service in co-operation with SMHI, along with a large offer of music videos and more than 5000 CD titles. All which will contribute to change the Swedish viewers usage of the TV-set. "eTV focus entirely on interactive services for the TV. E-shopping and quality are key-words in the build-up of the channels services", eTV's acting managing director Tim Todreas explains. Interactivity leads to increased freedom for television viewers. They are now able to use the services around the clock instead of accommodate oneself to a traditional TV-menu. "With eTV the remote control becomes the key to a New World of television", states Per Leander, Interactive Programme Director of eTV. It gives the viewer easy access to all the new services, ranging from buying CD´s or getting a local weather forecast. All this becomes possible with a click on the remote control. In the launching stage eTV offers a wide range of music services. Enjoy the music videos and take part in all the additional information available. You are also able to search by the record distributors official hit list, receive information on what albums a specific artist has released, what they cost as well as order them directly to your mailbox. You, the viewer decides on how active you want to be. "eTV will provide the viewer with an entirely new way of watching television. By interactivity the viewer is no longer limited to passive viewing. The opportunity to interact provides our viewers a higher quality of watching television", says Per Leander. eTV starts with two services; weather forecasts and a music service. Through a co-operation with SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) eTV provides continuous forecasts for the land as a whole, the different regions as well as for local areas. The possibility to choose what area the forecast should refer to is unique for eTV and a completely new service for viewers. Additionally there are current weather forecasts available for over 300 cities around the world as well as for a great number of tourist resorts. "We are going to be the best at interactivity in the TV-media. We will be market-leaders in the creating of services that are perceived as simple and easy to use", Per Leander continues. eTV´s digital services has been built-up and developed by Cell DTV Consulting. The TV channel will be at constant development, concerning the number of services as well as the services functions: "The ambition is to bring a wide range of e-shopping services for the TV. In that way there is no need for expensive computers or complicated Internet-connections to be able to profit by the convenience and the cheap rate of e-shopping" states Per Leander. Additional services that will be provided in the near future consists of a news-service, as well as sales of DVD-films/CDrom-games and tickets for various events. eTV also has far-reaching plans of a traveling service, enabling order of air tickets. An interactive auction to the TV is another part of the planned future. eTV is launched in the Swedish Digital Terrestrial Network, but soon expect to be distributed by cable and satellite. eTV also has plans of expanding in the international market. The Swedish terrestrial network currently consists of 17 channels, of which 12 are already broadcasting. The remaining channel begins broadcasting shortly. Among the channels available are TV3, Kanal 5, SVT´s channels, Canal+, TV8, K-World and TV 4. To get access to eTV you must have a digital set-top box, a smart card and a telephone connection. During the beginning of 2000 the company Boxer offers costumers set-top boxes to rent from 99SEK per month. For further information contact: Per Leander (manager of Tim Todreas (acting interactive services) managing director) Phone 08-566 159 02 Fax 08-566 159 09 Fax 08-566 159 09 GSM +46 70 22 66 355 per.leander@etvweb.net tim.todreas@etvweb.net E-post: etv@etvweb.net Web: http://www.etvweb.net eTV started during 1999 and is owned by Cell ICD. The company is held in trust by Cell Ventures. Also included in the Cell Ventures-group are Paletten Bid2day, Cell More, Price Runner, Dx3 and d-philes. Cell Ventures main owners are Ledstiernan, IT-provider and GE equity. On the Cell Ventures board are among others Per Lundberg, chairman, Jan Carlzon, Leif Almstedt, Henrik Olsén, Christer Sturmark and Pär Jörgen Pärson, CEO. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/03/02/20010302BIT00610/bit0002.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2001/03/02/20010302BIT00610/bit0002.pdf

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eTV is an interactive entertainment channel, and it is also a shop with a wide range of CDs, movies, travel, event tickets and games. eTV Broadcasting AB also offers others access to its skills in adapting interactivity to the television medium.