Europolitan launches Multi with low call charges and a range of services

PRESS RELEASE - Karlskrona 6 September 1999 Europolitan launches new subscriptions The new Europolitan Multi offers low call charges and a whole range of services Europolitan is now launching Europolitan Multi - the perfect subscription for those who make a lot of calls and want advanced services. Europolitan Företag 1, a flexible subscription that customers can tailor to their needs, is being released at the same time. "Europolitan Multi is a subscription for customers who want their mobile telephones to do it all," says Mikael Kluge, Marketing Director at Europolitan AB. "The subscription enables them to carry their offices around in their pockets - literally." Europolitan Multi includes the new service Europolitan Data 43k, which makes it possible to transfer data at speeds of 43.2 kbits/s and 14.4 kbits/s, depending on the speed supported by the telephone. Europolitan Data 43k makes Europolitan the first company in the world to increase transfer speeds in a mobile network to 43.2 kbits/s. Europolitan Multi contains a whole range of services. In the monthly charge the following services are included: Number Presentation, EuroText, TextInfo, EuroFax, EuroFax Pro, europolitan@internet and Europolitan Data 43k. Included is also the voice mail service EuroVoice which will be replaced by EuroVoice Pro - Europolitan's unified messaging service that will be launched shortly. All the Standard Services - Call Waiting, Conference Call, Call Hold and Call Forwarding - are also included in the monthly charge. A twin card can be ordered at no extra cost. The call charge is low, and when the customer makes a lot of calls, the price decreases from the first minute. The other big news is Europolitan's Företag 1, a flexible subscription that customers can tailor to their needs. EuroText and EuroVoice are included, like all the Standard Services, but otherwise customers are free to choose any additional services they would like. The subscription has a volume discount, which means that the more you call, the lower the charge is. Both subscriptions were introduced today and can be signed by companies and private individuals alike. Price list in SEK, VAT excluded. Europolitan Multi Connection charge SEK 300 Monthly chargeWeekdays 07-19 SEK 256 (volume-dependent) SEK 1.98 - 2.14 /min Weekdays 19-01 SEK 0.60/min Weekdays 01-07 SEK 0.40/min Sat, Sun & Holidays 07-01 SEK 0.60/min Sat, Sun & Holidays 01-07 SEK 0.40/min Europolitan Företag 1 Connection charge SEK 200 Monthly charge Weekdays 07-19 SEK 155 (volume-dependent) SEK 1.98 - 2.14 /min Weekdays 19-01 SEK 1.90/min Weekdays 01-07 SEK 0.90/min Sat, Sun & Holidays 07-01 SEK 1.90/min Sat, Sun & Holidays 01-07 SEK 0.90/min Europolitan AB is a Swedish GSM operator that prioritises service and quality. The company's head office is in Karlskrona, Sweden. Europolitan is a leader in the field of technically advanced services for GSM 900/1800. The Europolitan Group, which also includes Europolitan AB's sister company Europolitan Stores AB and the stock-market listed Parent Company Europolitan Holdings AB, employs around 800 people. For more information please visit For more information, please contact: Mikael Kluge, Marketing Director, Europolitan AB, tel: +46 708 33 12 05, e-mail: Staffan Ottosson, Marketing Manager, Europolitan AB, tel :+46 708 33 10 65, e-mail: Lotta Hansson, Press Relations, Europolitan AB, tel: +46 708 33 13 51, e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: