Exel’s Sport Division from a production company to a sales and marketing company Aki Karihtala appointed Exel Sports Oy’s Managing Director

Exel’s Sport Division from a production company to a sales and marketing company
Aki Karihtala appointed Exel Sports Oy’s Managing Director

Significant reorganizations were implemented at Exel Oyj’s subsidiary Exel Sports Oy in 2006 with the aim of improving profitability considerably. The transfer of surface treatment, assembly and packaging of pole and floorball products to China is nearly completed. In addition, the warehousing and delivery operations have been outsourced to a service provider. The outsourcing aims at decreasing the cost level to the present market situation.

Changes in Exel Sports’ organization

Mr. Aki Karihtala, 45, Senior Vice President of Exel’s Sport Division, has been appointed Exel Sports Oy’s Managing Director as of 1 March 2007. Karihtala has worked for Exel for 20 years. Aki Karihtala succeeds Mr. Mika Sulin.

”We have now implemented major structural changes and the adjustment of the operations to the market situation. I am confident that the new organization will continue to take all the necessary measures to continue to improve the profitability of Exel Sports”, Mika Sulin says.

”I wish to thank Mika Sulin for his excellent efforts as Exel Sports’ Managing Director. Last year was extremely challenging. Exel’s Sport Division has changed in a very short time from a traditional production company to a sales and marketing company. We have adjusted our operations to match the markets. We believe that the measures that have already been taken and with our strong sport and fitness product folio we will be able to develop into a strong international and competitive sales and marketing organization”, Aki Karihtala says.

In addition, Mr. Timo Lepistö has been appointed Sales Director, Nordic and Baltic countries.

Exel Sports moves to new premises

As a part of reorganization Exel Sports focuses its sales and marketing to new premises in Vantaa. The objective is to achieve more efficient internal and external communications and day-to-day communications with partners and customers. The transfer of operations also aims at synergy benefits with other leading sports manufacturers operating in the greater Helsinki area. Sales and marketing will move to Vantaa in phases in February – April 2007.

Further information:
Mr. Mika Sulin, Managing Director, Exel Sports Oy, tel. +358 40 527 8101 (until 1 March 2007)
Mr. Aki Karihtala, Senior Vice President, Exel Oyj Sport Division, tel. +358 50 590 6752 (until 1 March 2007)


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