Express Solicitors launch interactive timeline to showcase damaging NHS payouts

Following the shocking news released surrounding the NHS and its £17.5 billion negligence bill, legal firm Express Solicitors has launched an interactive timeline to showcase some of the highest paid claims in history. It showcases the results of medical blunders made by the nation’s health service.

The interactive timeline, which covers record payouts over the last 10 years, shamefully reveals that alone, 10 of the biggest cases have cost the NHS over half a billion pounds due to serious medical mistakes and discriminatory attacks. The timeline showcases extortionate payouts ranging from £2 million to over £10 million, with cases covering celebrities with superbugs, birth blunders and staff discrimination.

James Maxey, of Express Solicitors, said: “The rise in negligence claims is constantly climbing year-on-year. It’s astonishing how much is being paid out for medical cases. Our timeline walks you through the extent to which the NHS is paying the price for its blunders, and the cost that negligence claims are costing the UK.”

According to the timeline, the nation’s highest ever payout still stands with Latin dancer, Kerstin Parkin She was offered £12.4 million pounds in 2007 after she was left confined to a wheelchair due to a series of hospital errors at the Princess Royal, Bromley.

The timeline also takes a look at what is set to happen in 2013, as NHS reforms continue to change the face of our National Health Service. With around £1 billion already spent on redundancies and £20 billion being cut from budgets, critics are left wondering what needs to change to avoid future costly mistakes.

The interactive payout timeline can be viewed here:

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