Eyeonid Group AB (publ) describe the latest events in the business area regarding EyeOnTEXT and the recently written agreements

As previously announced, the EyeOnTEXT business area is currently working on developing a portal for the powerful text analysis platform the company has. The work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018, but already, two months into the new year, we can inform that the business area has begun signing different types of agreements.

"The EyeOnTEXT business area is incredibly exciting both in terms of the benefits of Eyeonid's business and product areas, as well as the potential of the product for the market. Since we did not expect to start writing agreements, although at present no major income-generating agreements, we have chosen to inform the market as some of the projects are public." says Daniel Söderberg, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB.

Below we describe the status of the first two months of the year:

•    The launch of an EyeOnTEXT portal at mid-2018 is proceeding as planned.

•    Existing customer working with company information and credit assessment, focusing on companies operating in Benelux, UK and Germany, has extended its agreement with EyeOnTEXT. In addition to the extension, an additional agreement has been signed for further deliveries from EyeOnTEXT in order to increase the customer's competitiveness in its market area.

•    A bank in Antwerp active in private banking has decided to conduct a pilot project with EyeOnTEXT. The purpose is to evaluate EyeOnTEXT to develop bank decision support using dynamic text analysis.

•    A partner and license agreement has been signed between EyeOnTEXT and the German market research firm Almagenic UG. Almagenic offers market analysis services focusing on qualitative values for brands and markets. The partner agreement is reciprocal and lasts for five (5) years with the possibility of mutual renewal. The license agreement governs Almagenic's use of EyeOnTEXT in its service offer and is based on a fixed annual license fee as well as a portion based on processed data sets.

"The partnership agreement with Almagenic gives us a very exciting introduction to the German market for dynamic text analysis. It also means the formalization of a previous close cooperation between our development team in Antwerp and Almagenic. Almagenic's use of EyeOnTEXT is also in line with our vision for applying third generation text analysis that we offer through EyeOnTEXT. The paradigm shift that third generation text analysis can offer includes a dramatic improvement in user-friendliness and an increased efficiency in availability of self-learning text analysis, and it also dramatically simplifies new language integration. It also puts the foundation for disruptive business models in already established markets, which Almagenic is a brilliant example of." says Thom Thavenius, Vice President, Eyeonid Group AB.

For any further information please contact:
Henrik Sundewall, Chairman of the board, Eyeonid Group AB (publ)
Phone: +46 076 877 00 00
Daniel Söderberg, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB (publ.)
Phone: +46 073 422 79 30
Mail: daniel.soderberg@eyeonid.com

Eyeonid was founded in 2014 and has since its inception developed a technical complex and advanced platform for proactive ID protection services. The company's service monitors and alerts customers when sensitive, private and corporate digital information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers and social security numbers, are found at unauthorized sites on the internet, whereupon the customer can act and protect himself.


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