Fabulapps’ Chop Booth for iPhone Puts Users’ Friends in the Game

The newest offering from iPhone development company Fabulapps is now available in the App Store. Chop Booth is the first single-tap game that lets users put their friends in the game and then share screenshots through Facebook or email.

Chop Booth, one of the newest apps in the iPhone App Store, is an addictive skill game that involves throwing axes at the player’s friends while they wear one of several amusing bodies. Users take a picture of their friends through the game app, which then places the faces on a body of the player’s choice.  Players can unlock hilarious new bodies for their friends in the game by scoring points.  

Options include a knight, cheerleader, clown, monkey, and more.  Points are scored by landing the axes as close to friends’ bodies as possible without touching them. Players have just 30 seconds to throw as many axes as they can.  They must tilt the device to aim the axes and then tap the screen to throw them.  When an axe hits the user’s friend, he screams in pain, so the game requires very quick and nimble fingers.

Gildas Quiniou, president of Fabulapps, says, “We are so excited about this latest app for the iPhone. Chop Booth is the first single-tap skill game that actually puts the player’s friends right in the game.  It’s a hilarious skill game that is very addicting.”

This latest offering from developer Fabulapps is much anticipated by iPhone users due to the popularity of the company’s previous releases. All of the prior games from Fabulapps, which include CrossRoads, Kiko: The Last Totem, and Tiny Planet, have been featured by Apple in its “New and Noteworthy” section.

Chop Booth is offered as a free download for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the App Store. 

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Fabulapps is an iPhone development company that focuses on making addictive games for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.