Hitachi converts its Header Compression test license from Effnet to a production license.

Hitachi Communication Technologies Ltd., a leading manufacturer of infrastructure systems for the wireless communication industry has extended its licensing for Effnet AB’s technology. After extensive testing of the Effnet Header Compression software Hitachi now take the next step by converting their test license into a production license.

The integration of Effnet’s Header Compression software into Hitachi's infrastructure systems will offer telecom operators the opportunity to benefit from significantly more efficient delivery of IP based services such as voice over IP (VoIP) and multimedia services thereby improving revenues as well as cutting costs.

“We are very pleased to enter this new important phase of our close cooperation with Hitachi. The new contract fits perfectly into Effnet´s strategy of building a portfolio of long-term contracts with solid future revenue streams.” says Hans Runesten, Managing Director of Effnet AB and CEO of Effnet Holding AB.

Hitachi will be the first provider of Effnet Header Compression enabled infrastructure equipment for CDMA 2000 matching Qualcomm’s products for terminals.


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