Falun 2015 is now ISO-certified sustainable event

As the first FIS World Ski Championships ever, Falun2015 has been certified based on the international ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events.
-  The certification covers our planning process and requires all staff, suppliers and partners to work with the World Championships in a structured manner and with focus on sustainability, says Sven von Holst, CEO of Falun 2015.

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 will take place in Falun in February. One of the event’s areas of focus is emphasis on sustainability while respecting environmental, social and economic concerns. In the course of the spring and summer, the project has been audited by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The results are just in, and Falun2015 has been certified based on the international standard for managing sustainable events, ISO 20121.
-  Falun 2015 meets all the prerequisites to carry out a sustainable event. There is no lack of ideas and engagement by those working on the project. Everything seems to be well thought out, and with great focus on sustainability, says Ulrika Jupiter, auditor and product manager at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

The ISO 20121 standard provides a structure for sustainable working methods through goal-setting, on-going follow-up and constant improvement. The World Championships Organisers will be able to take advantage of the certification to incorporate environmental considerations and social responsibility in their preparations as well as everyday operations.
-  The standard helps us set clear environmental and ethical requirements on the handling of transportation, waste and energy. But it also assists us in the management of other products and services, such as food and beverages. It is important that our suppliers and cooperation partners also follow our policy for sustainability, explains Sven von Holst.

The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden considers Falun2015 to be an important channel for reaching out to the public on questions related to sustainability and the environment.
The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 in Falun are expected to reach some 500 million TV viewers, 200 000 spectators and thousands of followers on social media. As such, the event is an excellent forum to spread the message and increase awareness about sustainability. Together we can influence and contribute to a sustainable future, says Ulrika Jupiter.

Other ISO 20121 certified events:

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Vätternrundan, a recreational bicycle course around Lake Vättern

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For further information, please contact:

Hans Ahlin, Sustainability Director Falun2015, +46 (0) 73 941 62 65
Ulrika Jupiter, auditor and product manager at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, +46-70 350 58 33

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On the 18th of February to the 1st of March, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships will be arranged in Falun, Sweden. It will be a a hugely popular festival of winter sports that will put the spotlights of the world on skiing and on Falun and Sweden.As the WSC organizers we strive to be as accessible as possible for all media representatives and supply you with all the information you need to be able do a great job, both before, during and after the World Championships. Key statistics• 21 World Champions • 800 competitors from 60 nations• 1 500 media representatives• 200 000 or more spectators in the competition arena• 500 million or more TV viewers• 1 800 volunteers

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