|FAT| FOCUS MEXICO presented by Mexico Tourism Board

Co-Presented by The Consulate General of Mexico Toronto

Toronto - April 18, 2013   - |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week and the  Mexico  Tourism Board present |FAT| FOCUS  MEXICO , with support from the Consulate General of  Mexico  Toronto. Four festival days will present  Mexico City's creative influencers to Toronto audiences through a gallery-style photography exhibit, fashion films and runway collections. This year’s festival is proud to highlight  Mexico ’s long-standing reputation in the creative industries of textiles, art and fashion.

"Since time immemorial, creativity has been a trait of
 Mexican  culture. Recently, industries that depend on that creativity –like the textile, clothing and footwear sectors– have unleashed their productive potential and come up with joint programs focused on innovation, fashion and industrial technology... enabling them to strut proudly down international runways."   - Jesús Estrada Cortés, Negocios ProMéxico, XI, 2012  

This year's featured designers and artists are from
 Mexico  City - one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with a thriving cultural scene. |FAT| Arts and Fashion Week features the diversity of  Mexican  art and fashion and the mix between contemporary perspectives and traditional  Mexican  folk art ties.  

Mexicans  are becoming more fashion conscious by the day and the number of designers is increasing on a par. Forced to cater to a more discerning –and more daring– consumer,  Mexican  fashion has made inroads on the domestic market and is gradually carving itself out a niche on international markets. "   - Monserrat Castera Oregón, Negocios ProMéxico, XI, 2012  

Have your eyes peeled to the roster of
 Mexican  talent that will be presenting at |FAT| 2013. These are artists and designers that are already crossing boarders and dominating the international scene.  

Event Calendar   |FAT|   FOCUS  MEXICO    

23-27 April:   Fashion Photography Exhibit - 3 leading fashion photographers

24 April 10:30pm:
  Runway Showcase - Belinda Visag  
http://fashionarttoronto.ca/2013/03/19/belinda-visag-focus- mexico /  

26 April 9:00pm:
  Fashion on Film: "I'm a Lonely Soul" by Rodrigo Anguas & Belinda Visag
http://fashionarttoronto.ca/2013/03/07/rodrigo-anguas-belinda-visag-im-a-lonely-soul-focus- mexico /  

26 April 9:30pm:
  Runway Showcase - Malafacha  
http://fashionarttoronto.ca/2013/03/27/malafacha-focus- mexico /  


  is a  Mexican  brand that believes that fashion is an instrument to communicate and build identity. The label has a strong identity in the  Mexican  fashion scene, with publications in international magazines, such as Vogue Italy, Dazed and Confused, Harper’s Bazaar and others.  

  is a passionate fashion photographer who has worked with major publications and brands such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Nylon, Palacio De Herro and Levi's.  

  has been part of more than 25 collective and solo exhibitions. His photographs have been featured on the pages and front pages of the most important magazines of Latin America and Spain, such as: Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire, Infashion, Blink, Avenue Illustrated, etc. He has also photographed national campaigns for Saks Fifth Avenue México, Palacio de Hierro and Sears.

  studied fashion in  Mexico  City and went to Paris, where her fashion brand was born 6 years ago. She transmits stories with her collections; creating special clothes for romantic women.

  is a  Mexican  art photographer and filmmaker that studied cinematography. He has worked on independent short films and now blends the world of fashion with still and moving image.   

About the  Mexico  Tourism Board  

The MTB mission is the promotion, both integrally and competitively, of  Mexico , its products and destinations, in domestic and international markets. Our vision is to be a leading organization in the promotion of tourism, encouraging participation and joint efforts by the various stakeholders in the industry.  

|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week is a platform for inventive and contemporary expression. This annual multi-arts event delivers a packed schedule of runway shows, live performances, music, photography exhibits, fashion films and installation exhibits, to celebrate leaders in a wide range of art forms.

|FAT|   Arts & Fashion Week 2013
April 23-27, 2013
Event venue: 213 Sterling Road. Toronto
7pm-12am daily
Tickets: $30 online in advance, $35 at the door

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