Annual General Meeting of Fastighets AB Balder (publ)

The Annual General Meeting of Fastighets AB Balder (publ), was held on May 9, 2012 in Gothenburg.

The meeting was opened by Christina Rogestam who was also elected as chairman of the AGM.

Erik Selin, CEO, gave his statement regarding the company´s operations during 2011.

The AGM adopted the profit and loss account and the balance sheet and the consolidated profit and loss account and the consolidated balance sheet. The AGM discharged the board members and the CEO from liability. The AGM furthermore adopted that of the accumulated profit of SEK 3,724,568,654, a dividend should be distributed of a maximum of SEK 200,000,000 to the preference shareholders subject to the following conditions. Dividend shall be distributed quarterly of SEK 5 per preference share, however, not more than SEK 20, during the period until the next annual general meeting. The AGM also adopted that no dividend would be distributed to the ordinary shareholders.

The AGM resolved the fee for board assignment to the total of SEK 460,000 to be distributed by and between the board members with SEK 160 000 to the chairman of the board and SEK 100,000 to each other board member elected by the general meeting and who are not employed by the company.

Christina Rogestam, Erik Selin, Fredrik Svensson, Sten Dunér and Anders Wennergren was re-elected as the board of directors. Christina Rogestam was re-elected as the chairman of the board.

The AGM determined that one representative for each one of the two largest shareholders or ownership spheres together with Lars Rasin, representing all other shareholders, shall be appointed as members of the nomination committee. Names of the two members representing the two largest shareholders or ownership spheres, and the owners they represent, shall be published not later than six months before the annual general meeting 2013. Lars Rasin was appointed chairman in the nomination committee.

The AGM approved the guidelines regarding salary and other compensation to the managing director and other persons in the company´s management.

The AGM authorised the board of directors during the period until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, to resolve on a issue of a maximum of 5,000,000 new preference shares and/or new class B shares equivalent to a maximum of 10 (ten) per cent of the existing share capital.

The AGM authorised the board of directors to adopt a resolution regarding the company´s acquisition and to divest its own class B shares. The authorisation must be exercised prior the next annual general meeting and may be exercised at one or several occasions. The company´s possession of own shares may not exceed ten (10) pre cent of the total amount of shares in the company.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Erik Selin, tel. +46 706 074 790 or
Director of Economy Magnus Björndahl, +46 735 58 29 29

Balder discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Swedish Securities Markets Act and/or the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was released for publication on 10 May 2012 at 08.30.

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Fastighets AB Balder is a listed real estate company which shall meet the needs of different customer groups for premises and housing through local support. Balder's real estate portfolio had a value of SEK 37,4 billion as of 31 December 2014. The Balder share is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Large Cap.


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