 Research and development costs amounted to SEK 4.5 (14.5) m  The loss after tax was SEK -8.7 (-23.5) m  Earnings per share were SEK -0.33 (-2.38)  Net sales SEK 0.4 (-) m  The company has carried out two private placements raising SEK 6 m through the placements  The ChronVac-C® study is progressing according to plan and a final report is expected during the fourth quarter this year  The multi-center study on ChronSeal® is ongoing in Sweden and Norway. An interim analysis of the treatment effect will be performed no later than October 31st and published shortly thereafter  Tripep has out licensed the RAS® technology to Opsonic Therapeutics For more information, please contact: Anders Vahlne, CEO & Head of Research, Tripep AB Tel: +46 8 5858 1313, Mobile phone: +46 709 28 05 28 E-mail: About Tripep Tripep develops drugs against chronic disease based on proprietary and other parties’ patented and patent pending technologies. Tripep is focusing on the following research projects; wound healing therapy ChronSeal® and a therapeutic vaccine against Hepatitis C, named ChronVac-C®, plus the RAS® technology platform. The Tripep share is admitted to trade on First North. Remium AB is Certified Adviser for Tripep AB. For more information, please refer to the company’s website: In the event of any discrepancy between the Swedish and English versions of this press release, the Swedish version will take precedence.

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ChronTech has developed and further develops a patent pending new type of injection needle for a more effective uptake of genetic vaccines (IVIN) and vaccine and therapy for hepatitis D. ChronTech also have part ownership in the new platform technology RAS®. The ChronTech share is admitted to trade on First North. Remium Nordic AB is Certified Adviser for ChronTech. For more information, please visit:

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