The last patient has been enrolled to the alphaHGA study in Thailand

Tripep today confirmed that the 48th and last patient has been included in the alphaHGA study in Thailand. This means that all patients will have concluded the study by the last week of March, 2006. The main purpose of the study is to evaluate the tolerability and safety at different dose levels, but as the patients included are HIV positive, possible impact on the HIV infection will also be evaluated. All virology samples from the patients have been collected and are kept frozen. These will be analysed when the last patient has concluded the treatment. The preliminary results are expected to be available before the Annual General Meeting on 5 April, 2006. Furthermore, Tripep announces that more than 99 % of the warrants TO1, series F, has been subscribed to as of 31 January, 2006, which contributes SEK 10m to the company. For more information, please contact: Rolf L. Nordström, Chairman, Tripep AB Tel: +44 20 7495 1480, mobile phone: +44 7776 137 400 E-mail: Jan Nilsson, CEO, Tripep AB Tel: +46 8 449 84 80, mobile phone: +46 70 466 31 63 E-mail: Anders Vahlne, Head of Research, Tripep AB Tel: +46 8 5858 1313, mobile phone: +46 709 28 05 28 E-mail:

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