Tripep AB (publ)-Interim Report, January - September 2004

Tripep AB (publ)-Interim Report, January - September 2004 · Loss after tax SEK -19.2 million (SEK -17.2 m). Research and development costs were SEK 9.5 million (SEK 9.5 m). The company has no net sales. Earnings per share: SEK -1.54 (SEK -1.30). · Tripep's anti-HIV drug alphaHGA has now completed the safety and toxicology trials necessary for filing an application to conduct phase I/II clinical trials on humans. · Formulation work, i.e. preparing tablets/ampoules from alphaHGA has been procured from Malmoe-based enterprise Galenica AB. · Tripep has signed an agreement with CRO (contract research organisation) Stricent AB for consulting services related to the preparation of a filing package for regulators in Thailand ahead of planned phase I/II trials on HIV patients, and for monitoring the trial. · Tripep has adopted a resolution to carry out a private placement raising SEK 21.25 m excluding issue costs in collaboration with its corporate adviser, Irish securities institution NCB. This transaction will be carried out through an issue of 1.4 million shares, and a sale of 1.1 million treasury shares. The shares are sold at a price of SEK 8.50 per share, corresponding to Tripep's average quoted share price in the week preceding the decision. · The Board of Directors has resolved not to complete a parallel listing of the company on the London Stock Exchange AIM-list at present. For more information, please contact Anders Vahlne, Chief Executive Officer & Head of Research Tel: +46 (0)8 585 81313, mobile: +46 (0)70 928 0528 e-mail: Tripep is a biotech research company that develops and commercialises candidate drugs based on patented technologies: · clinical development of a HIV-inhibiting drug, · preclinical research focusing on the development of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines against HIV and hepatitis C, · the RAS ? and Ribacine technology platforms, and · a general influenza vaccine in a joint participation with VLP Biotech Inc. More details on Tripep's technologies are available at its Website: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full report

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