Fazer Food Services to reduce environmental impacts: more greens, vegetables and seasonal ingredients

Fazer Food Services’ ambitious objective is not only to meet an increased demand but also to find ways to make more guests choose vegetarian options instead of meat. Fazer offers restaurant guests the possibility to eat healthier and reduce the environmental impacts of their meals – whilst still giving them a great food experience.

Fazer Food Services has started the Green Buffet project, to focus more on greens and vegetables, to make them more appealing and to develop the green offering in restaurants. Vegetarian menus will be designed to create new tasty dishes, always with seasonal greens.

The aim is to take green food to a higher level with new techniques and processes and to create menus where vegetables are the main ingredient. It is the first time in Fazer Food Services’ history that chefs from all markets in the Nordic company have come together to create innovative green offers to meet the increased guest demand for vegetables.

“The goal is not to convert people into vegetarianism. The idea is to increase the amount of vegetables on our plates through delicious vegetarian dishes,” says Managing Director of Fazer Food Services Finland Jaana Korhola.

Health and sustainability driving change

Trend reports show that more consumers ask for vegetarian options since they value eating healthier and want to consider sustainability in their choices.Eating more vegetables is also in line with the new Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR), where it is stated that the daily consumption of vegetables should be 500 gr per person.

The food we eat accounts for a great share of our carbon footprint. Actions are required in the whole chain – from farming practices to food production and changing our eating habits. Fazer Food Services serves about 400,000 meals per day in nearly 1,100 restaurants in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark creating an opportunity to make an impact.

“We want to take the front seat by not only responding to the demands but by actually actively seeking ways to lead the change towards more sustainable eating”, says Korhola.

In addition to increasing the use of vegetables, seasonal ingredients and the sources of sustainable proteins, reducing food waste is another central objective for Fazer Food Services. Responsible offering at Fazer Food Services also includes fish and seafood. Fazer’s restaurants in Finland, Sweden and Denmark follow the WWF recommendations regarding the use of seafood.

Fazer takes part in the worldwide climate event Earth Hour

On Saturday 28 March, it is yet again time to celebrate Earth Hour and raise awareness of climate change. Earth Hour is organised by WWF and, this year, the theme of WWF Finland’s campaign is the world’s biggest candlelight dinner. According to WWF, the environmental impacts of food can be reduced with three simple steps: replacing part of the meat with vegetables, not throwing food to waste and favouring sustainably produced food.

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