Fazer plans renewal of restaurant organisation in Finland

Fazer plans to renew the structure of its restaurant organisation and increase efficiency to secure competitiveness in a changing business environment. Fazer will start collaboration negotiations in the food services business area in Finland, affecting 100 people in total. If carried out, the changes may lead to the termination of 20 positions at the most. Fazer will support those whom the termination of employment would affect.

Fazer is planning to renew the structure of its restaurant organisation to be able to respond to changing client and guest needs in a more flexible manner. The target of the changes planned is to strengthen Fazer Food Services’ competitiveness in a changing operational environment and to improve business conditions and profitability.

ʻWe want to take planning, management and decision making closer to the client. Thus, we will be able to offer our clients tailor-made service solutions and day-to-day flexibility in the restaurant,ʻ says Managing Director of Fazer Food Services Finland Jaana Korhola.

Fazer will start collaboration negotiations regarding possible changes in managerial tasks within the restaurant organisation. The collaboration negotiations will affect 100 people in total all over Finland. If carried out, the changes may lead to the termination of a maximum of 20 positions.

It is important for Fazer to try to secure the future of those who have worked for the company. ʻWe will put a lot of effort into measures to find new employment and discuss the situation individually with everyone. We will actively offer vacancies within Fazer Group and cooperate with the employment administration,ʻ says Korhola.

Fazer employs around 6,400 people in Finland of which 3,500 work in Fazer Food Services. Fazer Food Services offers meal services in over 600 restaurants all over Finland.

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