Fazer's chocolate master second best in pre-selection for the world championships – best in showpiece category

Fazer's master chocolatier Eero Paulamäki came second in the Scandinavian pre-selection for the World Chocolate Masters competition in Copenhagen. The jury also awarded best in every category. Paulamäki won the category for best showpiece. The competition was of a high level, as usual.

The only Finn that was invited to participate in the Scandinavian pre-selection was Fazer's master confectioner Eero Paulamäki. The theme for the competition was "Inspiration from Nature". Paulamäki secured his second position with his spectacular chocolate masterpieces which represented the four seasons.

“The competition between the Nordic countries is one of the most demanding pre-selections, so coming second and winning the showpiece category is already a great achievement. This has been a great experience, and I won't give up my dream of becoming the World Chocolate Master one day," is Eero Paulamäki's message from Copenhagen.

Amazing chocolate masterpieces persuaded the jury

The contestants were asked to prepare a praline, a cake of the day, a street food-inspired chocolate to go treat and a showpiece according to the theme.

Paulamäki's most unique piece of work was the Dogclair pastry, which represented summer. Paulamäki's Dogclair combined the idea of the traditional éclair and the visual looks of a hot dog. The treat included milk and dark chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, sea buckthorn berry and hazelnut, the combination of which created a taste sensation that tickled all the senses. See the recipe online: www.fazer.fi/dogclair

In the winter theme, the filled Snowflake praline conveyed a snowy atmosphere with its filling of arctic bramble, liquorice and dark chocolate.

Autumn was represented by a juicy cake made of rye called Fall's harvest. It combined the tastes of fudgy milk chocolate, softness from tonka beans and Finnish redcurrants, which go well with the harvest theme.

The spring creation was the showpiece in the competition, an over 100-centimetre sculpture made of chocolate named Spring to Life. It contained elements from Finnish nature, such as water, ice, moss, water lilies, butterflies and even a spring fairy. Paulamäki won best in category with his showpiece. See the photos on Instagram at #suklaamestari.

The master confectioner tradition continues at Fazer

Karl Fazer himself was the first confectioner at the Fazer Café on Helsinki's Kluuvikatu, and Paulamäki is still using several recipes that Fazer created over a hundred years ago.

Paulamäki has been working as a confectioner for more than 12 years, and at the moment he works as the master confectioner at the Karl Fazer Café on Kluuvikatu.

The world's largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut, organises the World Chocolate Masters competition every other year. The winner of the Scandinavian pre-selection represents the region in the finals held in Paris at the trade show Salon du Chocolat Professionnel in October.

Fazer Group would like to warmly congratulate its master chocolatier and celebrate his achievement by offering coffee and cake to everybody who has lunch at the Karl Fazer Café on Monday March 9th from 11 am to 3 pm.

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