Fecken-Kirfel optimizes contour cutting center C 67

Software solution Pick-by-View speeds up processes of contour cutting

With the software solution Pick-by-View, Fecken-Kirfel also facilitates users the sorting of contour parts on the contour cutting center C 67. After proving successful on the F 62, the cutting machine manufacturer presented Pick-by-View during the Interzum 2017 on the C 67 for the first time. The software solution speeds up processes of the horizontal contour cutting and provides useful information for further processing. Starting point is the nesting where the contour parts are efficiently nested before sorting.

Pick-by-View is already used for vertical contour cutting on the cutting center F 62, especially in the furniture and packaging industry. Now, this software solution is also available for the horizontal contour cutting on the C 67. Users apply Pick-by-View when many parts from different orders are cut out of one block. Thus, machine operators receive a practical overview of the cut contour parts and can match them at a glance and forward them quickly for further processes.

Contour cutting center C 67 with optimized processes

From the machines of type C made by Fecken-Kirfel, the C 67 offers the highest level of automation and the highest cutting speed. The flexible cutting center is particularly suitable for the furniture industry and demonstrates with its technical data that it is able to deal with exacting demands of horizontal contour cutting:

  • working area from 1300 x 1300 mm up to 2900 x 2900 mm,
  • cutting speed up to 70 m/min,
  • circular bandknife with twisting angle of +/- 360°,
  • automatic grinding device,
  • automatic turn table,
  • motorized adjustable central knife guidance.

The software solution improves once again the performance of the cutting center. “With Pick-by-View the C 67 gains extra efficiency and productivity. A layer pattern clearly shows the operator which contour parts are ready for removal,” explains Lars Nelles, Area Sales Manager of Fecken-Kirfel. Upon request, the system also prints out a clear label for each part comprising useful information. “Bar code, customer’s name or next processing step – various information in the Pick-by-View system simplify the process planning within the company,” adds Nelles.

Pick-by-View and nesting: a congenial duo

Before the Pick-by-View system gets into action, the contour parts to be cut out of one block are arranged by a nesting software so that they are nested as space-saving as possible. Consequently, users save material and significantly reduce the cutting time. With its simple and efficient layer pattern, Pick-by-View supports the machine operation to distinguish between the tightly nested contour parts. Nelles: “Without Pick-by-View, the sorting of the parts would be a challenging task – and probably an annoying error source. With nesting and Pick-by-View the contour cutting on the C 67 and F 62 is quick, easy and economical.”

Software solution successfully integrated in the cutting processes

Users of the F 62 smoothly integrated the software solution Pick-by-View into their processes and are very pleased with the result. The times of laborious and analog selection of the cut contour parts are gone for good. Now, the sorting is paperless and practically error-free. Fecken-Kirfel presented Pick-by-View on the C 67 during the Interzum in Cologne for the first time. The first users have already applied this version successfully to horizontal contour cutting. As with the other software solutions, the cutting machine manufacturer customizes Pick-by-View to the needs of the users and also provides a detailed introduction into the handling of this system. Thus, Fecken-Kirfel establishes a basis that the software solutions contribute to sustainable optimized processes in the users’ companies.


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The C 67 for the horizontal contour cutting enables with the software solution Pick-by-View even better processes.

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Practical overview: The green contour parts to be removed are colored red on the layer pattern of the Pick-by-View system after removal.

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With Pick-by-View the C 67 gains extra efficiency and productivity.
Lars Nelles, Area Sales Manager