About Us

FHI Heat ® is the award winning and celebrity adored beauty brand that offers themost technologically advanced Hair Care and Tools in the market today. HOW FHI HEAT® CAME TOGETHERSome of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional ceramic flat ironscame together and invested millions of dollars to pioneer the most advancedtechnologies in thermal styling tools. The group worked with top engineers andresearchers and underwent extensive Research and Development (R&D) that in2003, the exclusive FHI Heat brand was born. AG PRODUCT GROUP INVESTS IN THE FHI HEAT® FUTUREIn order to take the brand to the next level, the investment group, AG ProductGroup, LLC, sought out a marketing genius that could transform its branddevelopment strategy and expand it internationally. In 2011, Mr. ShaukyGulamani became the President of FHI Heat. Gulamani is known for creatingfinancial success stories in the beauty industry, an artist with an innate ability totake brands and craft them to be revolutionary and world-renowned. THE ULTIMATE BRANDGulamani immediately created a breakthrough and initiated new productdevelopment and advanced the R&D, Marketing, Sales and Education. Hespearheaded a series of improvements to all of the tools a cutting edge liquid linethat launched during the 2012 Fall season. Moreover, it is no surprise that FHIHeat’s global distribution has since expanded and this distinguished brand isalready making its mark as the iconic leader of the beauty industry.