Dynea celebrates 10th birthday “A decade of Dynea – a century of success”

Dynea celebrates its ten year anniversary today. The company was formed in the autumn of 2000, following the merger of Neste Chemicals and the chemical activities of Dyno ASA. The new company was recognised as a globally leading supplier of adhesive and surfacing solutions for wood-related industries and for selected industrial applications.

In late 1999, Industri Kapital 1997 private equity fund acquired Neste Chemicals Oy, a Finnish based chemical company. Then, in 2000, the shares of the Norwegian company Dyno AS were acquired.

Neste Chemicals and Dyno came into the merger with long-term strategies which, to a great degree, complemented each other. This gave the newly formed company a good platform to continuously develop its strategy to be the leading supplier for the global wood related and other industrial adhesives markets.

“Through the merger of the chemicals activities of Dyno AS and Neste Chemicals Oy, we have today taken one step further towards the creation of a Nordic-based world-leading adhesive company,” Industri Kapital said in its press release at the time.

The company adopted the name Dynea in 2001.

In 2002, with the acquisition of Perstorp’s Chemitec resin business, Dynea further strengthened its position as a world-leader also in industrial resins for non-wood applications.

 “A decade of Dynea - a century of success”

The company has developed in many ways, but Dynea’s way of working has not changed in the past ten years. The company still believes in creating value for its customers by working closely together with them to help improve their productivity and meet their changing needs. Dynea’s promise to its customers, Just what you need, underlines the company’s way of working.

Even though the company in its present form is only ten year old, the knowledge and expertise in Dynea goes back decades. In fact, Dynea’s Erkner site in Germany celebrated 100 years of phenolic resin production last year!

Dynea’s CEO and President, Mr Roger Carlstedt, is proud of the company’s many achievements during the past ten years. “We are reaping the rewards of focused research and product development, as evidenced by the introduction of AsWood® adhesives. These adhesives combine state-of-the-art technical performance with emissions at an ultra low background level equal to that of untreated wood itself. The feedback from customers shows that we have found the answer to a real market need, and we are working closely with an increasing number of customers who are using this exciting adhesion technology.”

“Dynea has not only been able to improve its competitiveness in its existing markets” Mr. Carlstedt continues, “it has also been concentrating on the emerging markets and have recently made major investments in important countries like Russia and China.

Working closely with customers is an integral part of Dynea. “Our customer promise “just what you need” says it all,” Carlstedt explains. “We believe that no two customers are the same. The business and process challenges faced by our customers are unique. So at Dynea we work closely with each customer to create the ideal balance of technology and service to deliver the most cost effective solutions, wherever they need them.”

Innovation is an important driver for Dynea, with focus on continuous recreation of the product portfolio, development of solutions that have a low impact on the environment, and on anticipating industry trends.

Dynea looks to the future with enthusiasm and expects continued expansion and development around the world.

Dynea in brief

Dynea is a world-leader leader in creating high value adhesion and surfacing solutions for the wood processing and construction industries as well as for selected industrial applications. In 2009, Dynea’s sales were €527 million. The company has 35 production plants and some 2 000 employees in 22 countries in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and Brazil. Dynea is headquartered in Helsinki and controlled by the European private equity firm IK Investment Partners’ 1997 and 2000 funds. For further information, please visit www.dynea.com.

If you have questions about Dynea, would like pictures or more information about Dynea, perhaps also from a more regional or local point of view, please don’t hesitate to contact Ms Leslie Petersen General Manager at Dynea Communications, telephone +358 10 585 2031, email: leslie.petersen@dynea.com.


Dynea on maailman johtavia teollisten liimahartsien valmistajia puu- ja muulle teollisuudelle. Lisäksi yhtiö valmistaa paperipinnoitteita ja öljykenttäkemikaaleja. Dynealla on n.60 tuotantolaitosta 26 Euroopan, Amerikan sekä Aasian maassa.

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