Lenovolta ketteriä ratkaisuja tietojenkäsittelyn uusiin vaatimuksiin

  • ThinkStation P320 Tiny: markkinoiden pienin ISV-sertifioitu työasema
  • Lenovon PC palveluna, PCaaS, tarjoaa IT-asiakkaille täysin määriteltävän ja päästä päähän ulottuvan pc-hallinnan

Tiedotusvälineille 20.6.2017

    Lenovo julkisti tänään Tech World Transform -tapahtumassaan yritysasiakkaille ketteriä ja luotettavia pc-ratkaisuja, jotka vastaavat muuttuvan työelämän tuomiin tarpeisiin.

    ThinkStation P320 Tiny -työasemalla on johtavien ohjelmistovalmistajien ISV-sertifikaatti, mikä takaa kriittisten sovellusten varman toimivuuden. Vain yhden litran koon ansiosta laite on helppo sijoittaa työpöydälle, mutta silti suorituskyky vastaa sitä, mitä odotetaan työasemalta ja täyttää ammattisovellusten vaatimukset. P320 Tiny on varustettu uusimmilla Intel Core i-suorittimilla ja NVIDIA Quadro -näytönohjaimella.

    Lenovon PC as a Service (PCaaS) eli PC palveluna tarjoaa täysin hallittavan, kiinteään kuukausimaksuun perustuvan tilausmallin yhdistäen raudan ja palvelut yhdeksi ratkaisuksi. PCaaS poistaa tietokoneiden ostamisen, käyttöönoton ja hallinnan vaivan. Ratkaisu lisää tuotteen elinkaaren aikaista tehokkuutta ja samalla vähentää elinkaarikustannuksia.

    Hinnat ja saatavuus

    ThinkStation P320 Tiny on saatavilla nyt 779 dollarin hinnalla. Hinta Euroopassa selviää myöhemmin.

    Lenovo PC as as Service on nyt saatavilla. Lisätietoja saa Lenovon PCaaS-asiantuntijoilta ja tästä.

    Lisätietoja Transform-tapahtuman uutisista on saatavilla osoitteesta www.news.lenovo.com/TRANSFORM2017 tai Twitterissä seuraamalla tiliä @Lenovo 20. kesäkuuta käyttäen hashtägiä #LenovoTRANSFORM.

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    Lenovo Embraces Personalized Computing Transformation

    • ThinkStation P320 Tiny: smallest ISV-certified workstation on the market (1
    • Lenovo PC as a Service gives IT customers fully configurable end-to-end PC management

    NEW YORK, June 20, 2017 – Today at its TRANSFORM commercial summit,  Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) announced agile and reliable PC offerings for business customers that address the evolution of the workforce and workplace. The ThinkStation P320 Tiny offers Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification to ensure customers’ most critical applications run reliably in an incredibly small one liter form factor. Lenovo’s PC as a Service (PCaaS) offering provides a fully-managed, fixed monthly cost subscription model combining hardware and services into a single solution. Designed to eliminate the burden of buying, deploying and managing computing assets, PCaaS increases product lifecycle efficiency and reduce overall total cost of ownership.

    ThinkStation P320 Tiny: The world’s smallest workstation with ISV certification (1

    Physical workspaces are becoming valuable real-estate, so it’s necessary for workstations to be as adaptable as they are powerful in any setting. The ThinkStation P320 Tiny makes full use of tight spaces and delivers on the power expected from a workstation. Easy to set up and compatible with Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Tiny accessories, the P320 Tiny harnesses the power of the latest Intel® Core i processors and relies on NVIDIA® Quadro® Graphics to achieve ISV certification to deliver the performance demanded across a range of professional applications. Whether developing the latest innovative products, designing a state-of-the-art skyscraper or educating future entrepreneurs, the P320 Tiny offers big business-ready power in the smallest of packages, so workspaces perform at their best, even in the most finite spaces.

    The PC Process Simplified with PC as a Service

    As new generations of tech-savvy employees prioritize device flexibility and work mobility, organizations are adapting the way they approach and manage workplace technology. The shift towards agile IT, Choose Your Own Device and multi-device synergy is shaping our personalized computing future. PC as a Service (PCaaS) responds to this change by simplifying the financing, deployment, management and disposal process of computing assets by packaging it into a single, configurable solution with a fixed monthly cost. Businesses can select tablets, laptops, desktops, workstations or software and services, giving end users greater device choice and allowing capital investment to grow with the business.


    “The workspace is evolving and so is our PCSD business. The Commercial Business Segment has been created to service our customers through innovative solutions & tools that will help them harness the intelligence transformation,” said Christian Teismann, senior vice president & GM, Commercial Business Segment, PCSD. “ThinkStation P320 Tiny and PCaaS are just two solutions within our tool kit we are launching to help IT organizations transform. PCs will continue to be the integral component of the personalized computing future.”

    Pricing and Availability

    ThinkStation P320 Tiny is available now at $799

    Lenovo PC as a Service is available now. To find out more and contact a Lenovo PCaaS expert, click here.

    For more information on news announced at TRANSFORM, please visit www.news.lenovo.com/TRANSFORM2017 or follow @Lenovo for live updates on June 20, 2017, using #LenovoTRANSFORM.

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    1) Lenovo internal measurements compared to other industry leading ISV certified workstations