No result in mediation for ski resort sector

Service Union United PAM has been negotiating wages and working conditions for ski resort workers with the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa. The employers’ union has been single-minded in insisting pay rises of only 0.5%, in accordance with the wage policy set by the central organisation of employers, the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. During the past weeks, the national conciliator has been leading the negotiations.

- Ski resort workers should receive a substantially higher pay rise than 0.5%. We have submitted a claim for a 3% rise, which is more than reasonable in relation to the good financial situation of the companies in the sector, states Ann Selin, the president of Service Union United PAM. During the season of 2008–2009, lift pass sales increased by 15.6%, as compared to the previous season, and the number of visitors increased by 9% during the same period. Moreover, the increase in sales and visitors was clearly seen in the results of the companies in the sector. By contrast, the previous pay rise for ski resort workers took place nearly 1.5 years ago. According to income statistics of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, the basic salary for a ski resort worker is on average 1665 Euros/month and 10.47 Euros/hour. According to the wage policy definitions set by EK, monthly salaries would increase by only 8.32 Euros, which stands for a 5 cent increase in hourly pay. - We have tried to come to an agreement in the framework of the ski resort sector. However, this hasn’t been possible, due to EK’s persistence to hold on to 0.5% pay rises. EK has evidently forgotten that they were the ones to eliminate centralised labour market agreements by arguing that negotiations only between unions would take sector-specific needs better into account. I'm surprised at how inflexible the Confederation of Finnish Industries is, Selin says. Strike launched in ski resort sector On Wednesday, November 4th at 14.00, PAM launches a strike in the ski resort sector, which will last until Friday, November 6th at 6.00. The strike concerns four member companies of the employers’ union, namely Rukakeskus Oy (ski slopes of Ruka), Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd (ski slopes of Levi), Huippupaikat Oy (ski slopes of Vuokatti and Tahko) and Pyhätunturi Oy (ski slopes of Pyhätunturi). PAM has notified the national conciliator of a new strike that concerns the entire ski resort sector. The strike begins on Friday, November 13th at 14.00 and lasts until 6.00 on Monday, November 16th. All workers covered by the collective agreement for the ski resort sector are involved in the strike. In Finland, the ski resort sector employs approximately 400 permanent employees. When taking the seasonal workers into account, the number of sector employs approximately 1000 employees. For more information, please contact Ann Selin, the president of Service Union United PAM. Tel. +358 500 750 405 Annika Rönni-Sällinen, Bargaining Manager. Tel. +358 50 378 0270


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