Edinburgh Comes to Finland

A Scottish theatre production from the Edinburgh festival can be seen in Helsinki at the Finnish National Theatre, where it will play for two performances on May 21st and 22nd.  Entitled 13 Sunken Years, the show was included in the festival’s Made-in-Scotland Showcase, which profiles high-quality, artistically ambitious work by Scottish artists. 

For their first co-production, two of Scotland’s leading theatre companies Lung Ha’s and Stellar Quines have chosen Finnish author Paula Salminen’s play 13 Sunken Years, which won the Lea-Award for Best Play in 2012.  Three women, three generations tied together not only by blood but also by the magic of the river that runs through their remote town.  One day, Eva’s Mother disappears… Salminen’s atmospheric, haunting play examines family, destiny and the journey that brings them together.

13 Sunken Years is directed by Maria Oller, set and costume design is by Jan Bee Brown, lighting design by Simon Wilkinson, composer/sound design by Susan Appleby, text translated and adapted by Eva Buchwald.

Since 1984, Lung Ha’s Theatre Company has been the only professional theatre company in Scotland dedicated to giving people with learning disabilities the chance to become actively involved in the performing arts.  Established in 1993, Stellar Quines is an award winning Scottish theatre company that celebrates the energy, experience and perspective of women. 

Running time: 75 mins

CAST Andy Clark, Louise Ludgate, Stephan Tait, Joanna Tope, Nicola Tuxworth and Ben Winger

DIRECTOR Maria Oller
DESIGN Jan Bee Brown
COMPOSER Susan Appelbe

This visit has been supported through Creative Scotland and The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


What the press have said

4.5 Stars – The Public Reviews
“A poignant play and a smooth performance that gives the best of Scandinavian fiction a run for its money.”

4 bombs – TVBomb
“At its heart, this compassionate play portrays the struggle to find freedom and happiness, and the courage to face whatever fate throws at you.”

4 stars – The Scotsman
“the play is illuminated by a bold trio of central performances from the great Anne Lacey as Ursula, Louise Ludgate as a flamingly sexy Helena, and Lung Ha’s actor Nicola Tuxworth as a stubborn, vulnerable Eva.”

4 stars – Fringe Guru
“uplifting and soulful”

Eva Buchwald’s fine translation into the Scottish vernacular makes the link between the empty spaces of Scotland and Finland.

The Herald
“Maria Oller’s co-production between the Lung Ha’s and Stellar Quines theatre companies in association with the Finnish National Theatre is laced with a simmering sense of grown-up mystery.”


For ticket bookings please contact Lippupiste Call Centre: +358 600 900 900 or book online www.lippu.fi.
(Every day from 7.00h to 22.00h)

For more information
Eva Buchwald, Finnish National Theatre, tel: + 358 50 315 2947

Press tickets
Mia Hyvärinen, Finnish National Theatre, tel: +358 50 540 5062 or mia.hyvarinen@kansallisteatteri.fi




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