Microsoft Press Information 3.6.2009: Microsoft Hardware Design Excellence Honored With Red Dot Awards

LifeCam Show, Arc Mouse, Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse recognized for revolutionary designs.

REDMOND, Wash. − June 3, 2009 − Microsoft Hardware’s focus on innovative designs is being honored today with the prestigious red dot design award for four products: LifeCam Show, Arc Mouse, Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse. LifeCam Show, Arc Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse were awarded the red dot quality seal for high design for transforming computer peripherals from bulky to sleek with high-end designs that change the perception of mice and webcams. Explorer Mouse, which features the world’s most advanced tracking technology, Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, received an honorable mention for connecting the technical sophistication of the mouse to its premium quality of materials, fit and finish. “At Microsoft Hardware, smart and innovative designs are a top priority, and we are thrilled to see this recognized by red dot,” said Ralf Groene, lead product designer at Microsoft Hardware. “We work hard to ensure that our designs complement the product itself as well as its intended users’ personal style. Our design team met that challenge in these products − a stylish webcam that can be used on virtually any PC and fashionable mice with unique shapes and materials.” LifeCam Show LifeCam Show brought a new shape of webcams to the market with a mirrored finish and ultrathin design. LifeCam Show has a unique attachment system that includes a laptop clip, desktop stand and two attachment disks allowing the webcam to easily attach to and detach from any computer. It also features a carrying case, which stores and protects the webcam when not in use. Arc Mouse The Arc Mouse changed the perception of a mouse from a computer peripheral to a true accessory. Designed to capture the spirit of portability, Arc melds fashion and function with an elegant, crescent-moon shape that folds to reduce its size by almost half. The sculpted shape with its playful interaction is created for the contemporary, mobile lifestyle and points the way forward to products of the next generation. For added personalization, the mouse is now available in six color options: marine blue, deep olive green, eggplant purple, frost white, crimson red and soft black. Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse The Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse’s BlueTrack Technology allows consumers to take their mouse anywhere and work confidently on virtually any surface(1). Design played a key role in communicating this new technology. The team used the blue LED as a design element to bring life back to the mouse in the form of a soft blue halo that lights up when the mouse is woken up. Clean form and crisp parting lines are combined with high-end material choices to convey precise tracking capabilities. Availability LifeCam Show, Arc Mouse, Explorer Mouse and Explorer Mini Mouse are available for the estimated retail prices of €99.90, €59.90, €79.90 and €59.90, respectively.(2) New innovative Bluetrack products − Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, Wireless Mouse 3000 and Wireless Desktop 3000 − will be available in June. All the products are backed by a worldwide three-year limited hardware warranty from Microsoft. More detailed information can be found at About red dot design awards Products submitted to the red dot design awards are assessed by an international jury consisting of renowned design experts. They examine and test the products and assess them according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, longevity, ecological compatibility and clarity of function. This year companies from 49 countries with a total of 3,231 products faced the judgement of the jury. For further information please visit the following website: (1) BlueTrack Technology does not track on clear glass or mirrored surfaces. (2) Actual retail prices may vary.


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