Sony announces professional AVCHD brand “NXCAM”

New file-based camcorder to be launched at the beginning of 2010

Interbee, Japan, 18th November 2009: Sony Professional has today announced the launch of the new NXCAM™ family brand representing the Professional implementation of AVCHD™ technology. Designed to bring the benefits of seamless and easy-to-use production workflow to professionals and semi professionals, the NXCAM family will be the ideal solution in terms of image quality, usability and price. AVCHD has been widely and rapidly adopted in the Sony consumer sector of the camcorder market and now, with further developments in non-linear editing tools and IT products, Sony will provide products for the entry-level professional videographer based on this file-based MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Long-Gop image compression. ‘Sony has gained great momentum in the broadcast file-base camcorder market with the XDCAM EX range complementing developments with the existing HDV range migrating to a hybrid file-based/tape format’ said Bill Drummond, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sony Europe, ‘Building on this success, now is the right time to productize an entry-level memory based camcorder utilizing the latest AVCHD technology with low-cost consumer memory cards. Coupled with the latest innovation in lens and sensor design, this will offer the outstanding picture performance to professional markets such as event videography or corporate video production.’ At the coming Sony Power of Images show in London (November 25th and 26th), Sony will demonstrate a prototype camcorder to showcase the tentative product features. This will be a 3 x 1/3 inch Exmor CMOS camcorder with ClearVid array utilizing the ‘G’ series 20x zoom lens first seen on the HVR-Z5E. The camcorder will record AVCHD up to 24Mbps 1920x1080 high definition images with both interlace and progressive modes along with 720/50p and MPEG-2 SD for PAL recording. It will also feature 2 channel linear PCM audio capabilities. It will use Memory Stick Pro Duo™ recording media along with an optional 128GB Flash Memory Unit for Hybrid Recording. NXCAM and NXCAM logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. XDCAM and XDCAM logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Memory Stick Pro Duo is a trademark of Sony Corporation. AVCHD and AVCHD logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation


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