East Harris County Manufacturers Association Launches Redesigned EHCMA.ORG

New Platform Provides Improved Access to Community Resources, CAER Line

HOUSTON (Mar. 24, 2015) – The East Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA)
 recently launched its website on www.ehcma.org with easier access to important local workforce initiatives and safety features, including Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) Line messages and association resources.

The organization designed the website with both the public and its members in mind, making it simple and easy to use from desktop computers and mobile devices. The redesigned Public Safety page provides resources for community members to learn about emergency protocols and procedures, as well as their Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and sign up for city and county alerts. Residents can also visit the Workforce page to download brochures about career opportunities and learn more about the substantial jobs EHCMA member companies create.

“The website is much more efficient, allowing the public to find safety, environmental and workforce content with just a few clicks,” said Craig Beskid, EHCMA executive director. “EHCMA volunteers, staff and contractors have worked hard to build a website that better serves our members and our area residents, giving them access to the information they want.”

The new design works in concert with the CAER Line updates made in early 2014, allowing the hotline to broadcast courtesy operational updates from EHCMA member facilities by phone and online. Community members can receive CAER Line updates by visiting www.ehcma.org/caerline or calling (281) 476-2237.

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About EHCMA:

The East Harris County Manufacturers Association is an alliance of more than 130 chemical manufacturers, refiners and supporting distribution facilities in Baytown, Deer Park, Houston, La Porte, North Channel and Pasadena. Its member companies transform natural resources into the materials needed to make many essential consumer products such as cosmetics, gasoline, jet fuel, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, electronics, building supplies, household goods, clothes, plastics, automobile parts and thousands of other everyday items that are a part of your daily routine. As the largest industry organization of its kind in the world, EHCMA is committed to delivering current news on events and issues that affect our industry. For more information, visitwww.ehcma.org.

Samantha Mendenhall
Fifth Ring, Public Relations for EHCMA