Anti-Social Networking Site Is Now A Hit Live Reality TV Show - But Is It Too Controversial?

Billionaire Alki David Offers $100 000 Dollars in Prizes For House Champion Featuring Random Acts Of Stupidity 24/7 for 30 Days Live On TV! 

Beverly Hills CA January 14th 201 Starting Feb 8th 2013 – FilmOn.TV Networks through its Over The Air Broadcast station KILM Channel in Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Las Vegas is showcasing the first of its kind Live Interactive Anti-Social TV show by launching House simultaneously on the Air and Online! A UK Feed also plays to Sky Channel 192 between 10 PM and Midnight every day.

Live 24/7 Brodcasting of hilarious challenges lasting thirty dirty days and nights in the confines of a house of horrors somewhere in East-LA, will see six men and six women chosen from the community, competing on live TV every day for food and showers! They earn points from random acts of violence and stupidity. Their only way out of this hell is to win temporary “Exit Passes”, to the outside world.

Once out of the House the lucky winners will be followed around LA with a live streaming camera crew, continuing their quest to collect points and prizes to ultimately become the reigning BattleCam House champion.

Managed from in real-time from the station's Beverly Hills Studio, BattleCam is the hit TV format by its billionaire creator Alki David. BattleCam is the only true interactive TV show where anyone with a laptop, smart phone or tablet can project themselves on live TV in less than 5 minutes to millions of Cable TV viewers.

"Jerry Springer is a watered down version of BattleCam House. I'm sure its going to really upset the vocal minority but most will get a kick out of the antics of our BattleCamers", said Alki David about the upcoming show.

According to US Cable Giant Dish Networks, the BattleCam Show on KILM CHANNEL 64 already ranks in the top 5 stations in the entire Los Angeles & Inland Empire Cable TV Market! Data courtesy Dish Networks   

Every single day at BattleCam Alki David gives away heaps of money to anyone looking to take up one his crazy and often contriversial Challenges like getting a BATTLECAM.COM tattoo across the face for $10 000 dollars! During the evening’s two hour "Money Round", Mr. David pays people as much as $10 a minute if they can keep the TV and Online audiences entertained.

Real time voting by the audience gives them total control over who they watch! If you want to visit the site just surf to or if you’re watching TV at home and want to vote with your Tablet or Smart Phone, visit


The community camsite is notorious for breeding internet pranksters such as the $ 1 Million Dollar Presidential streaking challenge of Barack Obama in 2011 or the assisted death, streamed live from a fake Swiss euthanasia clinic in 2012. Both of these amazing events caught massive global attention and propelled BattleCam into the pop-culture cam site it is today.

Note; that despite popular belief the Presidential streaker Juan Rodriguez, was in fact paid out a total of $ 130, 000 USD even though he not complete his challenge.

Today BattleCam beams to millions of Cable homes in America and all across the World on the Net. (See footnote for satellite coordinates and cable systems carrying BattleCam).

Celebrities who have previously featured on BattleCam and include UFC Champ Rampage Jackson, Actor Charlie Sheen, Personalities like Andy Dick and Janice Dickinson, Spiderman’s creator Stan Lee, Adult superstar Ron Jeremy and many more!

Cam up now! Get involved and see yourself on Live TV right now; broadcasting 24/7 over the air. The community is always alive with thousands of like-minded people from all across America and Europe, trash-talking each other and generally having great time! Anti-social networking gone good.

FilmOn.TV Networks launched KILM Channel 64 in Los Angeles in September 2012 and had previously showcased the streaming technology in January 2010 on Dish Networks.BattleCam’s free to air satellite broadcast is Censored 24/7 to meet over the air FCC regulations.FilmOn Downlink – available to US Broadcasters & Cable Companies at:SES2 - Downlink 4175H - h.264  - FEC 1/2  - Data 2299USA - please confirm your desire to carry the channel to Kim Hurwitz
  •    Ch 64 DISH, California, Nevada, Texas
  •    Over the Air on Prime TV Channel 64 in Los Angeles/Inland Empire
  •    Ch 64 Directv and AT&T Uverse - Los Angeles
  •    Ch 20 on Verizon in the Orange County Area
  •    Ch 32 for Time Warner
  •    Ch 47 for Time Warner in the South Bay
  •    Ch 14 for Time Warner in Marina Del Rey TV
UKSky TV – Channel 192 – 10.00 PM till 12.00 AM GMT

To preview view the Censored 24/7 broadcast stream :

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