ilmOn CEO Alki David Issues Ten Million Dollar Challenge To Donald Trump

Offer Made On FNN: Funny News Network to Charity of Trump's Choice

Beverly Hills, CA - October 26, 2012 - Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks (www.FilmOn.TV) has issued a BattleCam Challenge to Donald Trump. In exchange for allowing David to shave his signature hair off and write "BattleCam" on the moguls head, the eccentric billionaire will issue a check for ten million dollars to the charity of Trump's choice.

David Co-Hosts a show on his network called FNN: "Funny News Network."  On Friday's show he made the announcement in response to Trump's offer to donate a small sum of money to President Barack Obama's charity of choice in exchange for releasing his college transcripts and passport.

Watch a clip from the show here:

"Just like Donald Trump, I believe in transparency too. I'll be waiting outside of Trump Tower in New York City on Monday the 29th at 9AM with Keith Garsee, a chair, hair clippers and a marker. If Donald accepts, I'll shave his head, write BattleCam on his forehead and immediately issue a check for ten million dollars to the charity of his choice," said David.

David added: "I know Donald's been fired from managing the buildings that carry his name and I think it's appropriate that his haircut will take place outside a venue where he just got another one."

FNN: Funny News Network can be seen live daily at 11 AM PDT with hosts Alki David, Peter Lebow, and Keith Garsee and airs on KiLM Los Angeles.

Watch as Peter Lebow moderates the challenge from LA at 11 AM PDT Monday the 29th of October at and on KiLM. The listings for KiLM are as follows:

Channel 64 for AT&T Uverse, Dish and DirecTV, channel 32 for Time Warner, channel 47 for Time Warner in the South Bay and channel 14 for Time Warner in Marina Del Rey.

BattleCam is FilmOn’s hit show where the audience becomes the show via their webcam and interactive participation: voting, performing skits and making real-time comments during the live stream and over-the-air broadcast.

FilmOn is the world's first and largest live TV delivery platform for the Internet offering over 260 premium live TV channels World Wide. FilmOn also creates original interactive content programming as well as delivering interactive television services over the air and to satellite.

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