11-11-11 and the Angels of Atlantis

Will they be present on 11-11-11?

A massive AWAKENING in humankind is occurring. This pivots on a point in November 2011 that we will remember as a unique day, a crucible of creative communion. This day signifies when millions of people all around the world, are destined to think one dignified thought, to feel one gracious feeling, to breathe one rarified breath, and to feel one super-coherent heart beat: it will a UNITY OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. The consequence of this day will precipitate a quantum leap for humanity, when major global paradigms shift from a belief in separation, to an inner knowing of oneness, achieved by a recalibration to understanding the heart’s wisdom.

This is already happening. Millions of people all over the world, are gathering together in peaceful but vehement protest against the corruption of the elite moneymakers of the Banking and Commercial fraternities. Essentially man-led, these industries are held within the grip of centuries of patriarchalism. Not since the 1930’s has unemployment reached such a height, whilst corporate profits are at an all time high. Similarly, not since the turn of the twentieth century has income and wealth inequality been at such a height, whilst the basic wage, as a percentage of the economy, is held at an all time low. This staggering data calls forth from all sentient human beings, a powerful and inspirational shift is necessary to dramatically refocus our power structures, to radically alter the organization of our money markets, to refreshingly employ new paradigms of thought, and to replace greed and narcissism, with fairness and empathy. For surely these virtues must be truer reflections of contemporary mankind, rather than the distorted mirrors of the past. Those mirrors must be smashed, creating windows of transparency that herald a turning point for all of mankind, and womankind.

The timely event of 11.11.11 illuminates the conviction of this global tendency. For the salience of 11 as the first Master number in the science of Numerology, represents illumination cutting through to the unconscious. It evinces a glorious revolution, where all females are at last allowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with all males - heartfelt feeling may be juxtaposed with clear thought.

On November 11th we face a portal of Divine Will, sending a wave of loving intelligence, as a vibration of liberation, flooding through the heart of the planet. Thus all beings that perpetrate human suffering through a love of power will be spot-lit, and superseded by the warmer tones of the power of love. This day, this moment of 11.11 will create an amplification of a resonance, already synchronized in an impressive precedent - the completely leader-less ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement. This action has created beacons of light firing from Hong Kong to Toronto, Miami to London, Berlin to Sydney, Moscow to Peking, Paris to Mexico, and through hundreds more cities around the world.

There is a further resonance, in the vibration of 11+11+11 = 33, which is considered to be the most influential force of all Master numbers, and when expressed accelerates the spiritual uplifting of humankind. What makes 33 so impressive is the high level devotion and sincerity that it evokes in human nature. Observe this from the historical perspective of one of the major wisdom traditions, the empathetic function of Christianity. It was in his 33rd year that Jesus Christ met the victory of the Cross and ascended into heaven. This event and consequent vibration gave rise to the global significance and spiritual efficacy of the Christos. Conversely, John F Kennedy was murdered on the 33rd parallel on 22.11.

Today, a slightly different specter emerges in our consciousness when we review the Number 11. Nearby to the people led ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstration in New York City, is the memorial of another number 11 day, a place known now as Ground Zero. This location once held the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, which stood like a giant tuning fork for the collective mind. Now 9/11is etched deep in our hearts and souls as a day we never wish repeated. It marks a turning point in the consciousness of all human beings, for it marks the delivery portal of a message so stark, that millions of people over the past ten years have revolutionized their lives in awe of it. For many have dedicated their lives to the furtherance of love, peace and tolerance, i n memory of each person who died on September 11th, knowing that they had made an agreement at soul level to be a volunteer in global transformation.

The hole created by the atrocious events on September 11th is a hole in the aura of the planet, and an entry point within our hearts. It is a doorway to a different, more profound state of being, for it is portal that is now permanently open, and all who choose to walk through it may do so, for this door opened a new awareness that the earth is one living consciousness, that all peoples are connected and that no one is alone. It is a doorway to the awareness that the only answer to hate is love and the only answer to evil is good. It is a doorway to peace, and a gateway to a new possibility th at the path of sorrow can be transformed into a path of joy.

What is clear to all human beings is that we have learned we are connected by the horror of that fated day, and that with this information in the peace of 11.11.11 we may make a vast step for humanity, raising the planet to a frequency of vibration that could be our next stage of evolution, for we could make a quantum leap as a species of cosmic life.

Human DNA has within its library all the information it needs for this next great shifting point. For Human DNA is triggered by digital codes, and 11.11.11 is a master code for switching on the genetic blueprint within the twin spirals of our DNA.

What fountains from our double helix DNA, is the ability to create reality from thought - currently vibrates and responds to a binary system - hence planetary knowledge reviewing that nothing is singular everything is plural. When consciousness activates DNA through choice, our genetic memory made up of the numeric codes that define our existence, is triggered by specific frequencies and at certain times. One such principle code that awakens the mind to the evolution of consciousness is 11.11.11, evinced in the Fibonacci sequence with its genesis routed in the sequence 0,1,1. The nature of this reality seen through linear time denotes who we are, why we are here, and what we need to heed about our evolution.

As we surf through the portal of 11.11.11 a powerful potential can open within our hearts and minds – the ability to change all negativity through the passion of intelligent thought, for when we think thus, we awaken to our divine inheritance. This means we are set free to the knowledge that our thoughts may create a better reality for ourselves our children and our fellow human beings. And surely this is when we may fly as free as the Eagle that gains perspective from reviewing through the height of its wisdom. This is when the noblest virtue within humanity may awaken, as we spiral to a different frequency, claiming our right to evolve in a way that is honest, true, and loving. This is when we truly ascend as creatures made in the image of God, becoming Human Angels.

Now is a time for a revolutionary brilliance to shine throughout the Solar System, as many people are moving into the light of leadership, working for the good of All not just the few. If you are one who steps forward, nothing will stop you as a Guardian of Light. You have existed before the beginning of recorded time, lovingly held in the supernal embrace of universal consciousness, which now encourages you to let go of ego-centered consciousness as you spread your light from your heart’s place of unity. These are the Human Angels that we are seeing more comprehensively than ever before…………..

Stewart Pearce, author The Angels of Atlantis

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Findhorn Press is an independent publishing house in northeast Scotland which offers books, sets of cards, cds and dvds that cover a wide range of 'mind-body-spirit' topics such as nature, spirituality, alternative health (for both people and for animals), self-help, etc. We publish under 3 different 'imprints': Findhorn, Caminoguides (which focuses on guidebooks for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella) and Earthdancer (holistic, mostly crystal, healing, and the nature/angelic kingdoms). Growth, change, enthusiasm, support, flexible, relevant, engagement, spiritual and solving today’s challenges – this is Findhorn Press – yesterday and tomorrow! Personal and planetary transformation are the hallmarks – the thoughts and spirits of each of us shaping the world’s mindset. Findhorn Press now works in ways that are very different from the way the early Findhorn Publications worked producing Eileen Caddy’s guidance, the first book being God Spoke to Me in 1971 (and still in print today!). Inspiration for most books came from Eileen Caddy’s guidance in the first years, along with a few other books also originating from the Findhorn Community, in particular by David Spangler. In those days all books were edited, designed, printed and bound in the small publications building at the Park. Findhorn Press today embraces online processes and includes staff, production and distribution in many locations – the network of a modern independent publisher embracing the opportunities and rising to the challenges and opportunities of today’s book market. We are lighter on the planet and quicker to market! But the essence of Findhorn Press endures: to make a positive, loving and healing difference for the reader and our world. We are dedicated to making books that matter, products that make a difference, ones that wouldn’t be made elsewhere. Angel cards, cds (and mp3s), books and other Findhorn Press goods are a way of life that continues. We have hope and optimism. We bring that into our work and thus out into the planet. The books and other products that we offer you are filled with the spirit of love, peace, healing and joy – so that you will be too. Findhorn Press offers concrete tools and advice for making life a more conscious and satisfying experience. We serve our planet by always working with love, bringing this into your life with every new author, every new title. It further manifests when you re-read a favorite book or introduce a favorite person to Findhorn Press. Share the blessings! For the past 40 years we have grown and changed. But we will always remember where we came from. The trust and love of our relationship with you over the decades grounds us and strengthens us. Because of that, it’s easier to plan for a future, which some call uncertain, and know that Findhorn Press will of course still be on the cutting edge of positive individual and planetary change.