License Agreement Signed between Fingerprint Cards and Loqware Technologies

License Agreement Signed between Fingerprint Cards and Loqware Technologies Fingerprint Cards AB and Loqware Technologies AB have signed a multi-year license agreement. Loqware's electronic lock (patent applied for) for computer hard disks is combined with Fingerprint's patented technology for user authentication through finger pattern analysis. This biometrically secured lock may form an integral part of a factory produced computer, or may be retrofitted through substitution of existing hard disks by a unit containing a new hard disk with an integral Loqware lock. The market for these products is deemed large and close in time. This license agreement follows a prototype phase, in which the two companies have cooperated for some time. Lockware will introduce its products at the large IT Show COMDEX /Fall2000 in Las Vegas on November 12 - 17. These products, combining technologies from the two companies, will be unique through its hardware based security solution with no dependence on the computer operating system. The products comply with TCPA (Trusted Computer Platform Alliance) guidelines for computer security. This security system denies anyone but the authorized user access to information stored on the hard disk. In case of a stolen hard disk moved to another computer the information remains inaccessible. For further information please contact: Lennart Carlson, CEO Fingerprint Cards AB Tel.: +46-31 - 607820 E-mail: Mikael Institoris, CEO Loqware Technologies AB Tel: +46-31 - 704 30 20 E-mail: Lars Grundin, vice chairman of the Board Loqware Technologies AB Tel: +46-31 - 704 30 20 E-mail: Fingerprint Cards AB (publ), is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (OM Stockholmsbörsen). The company has developed a complete finger verification system to be embedded into small units. The company holds several patents covering this technology. The technology is licensed to companies that market products where user identification is a security requirement. Examples include mobile phones, smart-card systems, computer keyboards, and physical access systems. Implementation of the technology comprises two in-house developed microchips, and the system is independent of any computer for storage, finger pattern reading and matching. More information is available from Loqware Technologies AB, previously Fingloq AB, has through internal R&D designed an electronic lock. This electronic lock is extremely compact and may be conveniently integrated into a multitude of hardware products. Applications are computers, networks, physical access systems, mobile phones, etc, where an extremely high security level is required. Loqware's board of directors: Mr. Ivan Öfverholm (chairman), former president Saab Ericsson Space, Dr Svante Carlsson, professor, computer sciences and founder of Effnet, Mr. Carl-Göran Myrin, former CEO Siemens Sweden, Mr. Lars Grundin, founder of Loqware and Mr. Mikael Institoris, Loqware president. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) develops produces and markets biometric technology, which, through analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint, verifies the person’s identity. The technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms and modules that can be used separately or combined. The competitive advantages offered by FPC’s technology include unique image quality, extreme robustness, low power consumption and complete biometric systems. With these advantages and the ability to achieve extremely low manufacturing costs, the technology can be implemented in volume products, such as smart cards and mobile telephones, which impose extremely rigorous demands on these characteristics. FPC’s technology can also be used in such areas as IT, Internet security and access control.