About Us

Founded in 1986 by its Chief Ceramicist, Paul Burns, Fireclay Tile (www.fireclaytile.com) makes the highest quality, most durable and aesthetic hand-made ceramic and glass materials that are unique, affordable, and “green.” The company is based in San Jose, CA where it manufactures and sells its products including Debris Series Recycled Tile, Crush Recycled Glass Tile, Vitrail Series Handmade Tile, Claymonde Ceramic Sheets, Express Series Quickship Tile, and now Glazed Thin Brick. Since inception, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the ceramic industry, and today the company is proud to be sold nationally in over 130 tile and eco-friendly showrooms and be used by some of the most well respected brands including Whole Foods Markets. In addition, all products are LEED compliant and contribute to LEED's construction credits. Fireclay Tile’s manufacturing efforts are also being supported by a grant awarded by the California Department of Conservation. Fireclay Tile aims to be a triple-bottom line company and ensure they take the environment into account in every decision they make and offer all employees a fare wage and benefits. To learn more about Fireclay Tile, please visit the company at www.fireclaytile.com.