Fiskars Teresa Collins Signature Collection

Fiskars has partnered with designer and craft instructor Teresa Collins to introduce a collection of 19 crafting tools that help users preserve memories and create personalized home decor. The collection combines Fiskars’ cutting tool expertise with Collins’ chic and sophisticated aesthetic for versital designs and fun tools that help make crafting and mixed media projects easier to create.


  • Ampersand Intricate Shape Punch (168500-1001) 
  • Love Intricate Shape Punch (168510-1001) 
  • Heart Medium Squeeze Punch (174550-1001) 
  • Feather Large Squeeze Punch (174560-1001) 
  • Airplane Large Squeeze Punch (174570-1001)
  • Tab XL Squeeze Punch (174580-1001) 
  • Star Small Lever Punch (157260-1001)
  • Anchor Medium Lever Punch (157270-1001)
  • Seal Large Lever Punch (157280-1001) 
  • Small AdvantEdge™ Punch System Starter Set with Crown Cartridge (156380-1001) 
  • Notebook Paper Border Punch Cartridge (156420-1001) 
  • Paper Chain Border Punch Cartridge (156530-1001) 
  • Anchors Border Punch Cartridge (156540-1001) 
  • 1/8" Heart Cushion Grip Hand Punch (123740-1001) 

Scissors, Edgers and Knives

  • 8" Non-stick Decorated Scissors (179282-1001) 
  • 5" Non-stick Fashion Scissors (179292-1001) 
  • 2-pack Paper Edgers - Mini Pinking Edgers & Mini Scallop Edgers (182100-1003) 
  • Heavy Duty Craft Knife (167110-1002) 

About Teresa Collins: Living a creative life is a daily passion for Teresa Collins and her goal is to inspire others to join her passion. A designer, teacher, and owner and founder of Teresa Collins Designs, she uses her interior design background to create designs that are both beautiful and meaningful. Collins has taught crafting classes in over 14 countries, including many sold-out events. She has a weekly show on My Craft Channel, regularly appears on ABC4 Good Things Utah and has authored and contributed to many craft and home decor idea books and magazines. Collins draws inspiration from her world travels, visits to local thrift shops, and experiences shared by her supportive family.

About Us

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