How to Choose the Right Rotary Cutter

Fiskars offers a wide selection of rotary cutters to make cutting tasks easier and more enjoyable for both experienced and aspiring sewers and quilters. Share the pointers below with your audience to help them find the right rotary cutter for best results on their next project.

How to choose the right rotary cutter:

Selection by size:

  • 28-millimeter – Rotary cutters with a 28 mm blade are ideal for small projects with fine details and tight curves.  The smaller blade also works well for cutting patterns and appliqué for quilting projects
  • 45 millimeter – The versatile 45 mm blade is great for everyday cutting tasks and projects involving a range of fabrics and cuts.
  • 60 millimeter – The largest blade makes cutting through multiple layers of thick fabric and batting easy. The 60 mm blade is also great for working with materials like denim and canvas.

Selection by handle:      

  • Adjustable - The adjustable handle features a pivoting handle that locks in three positions – classic stick for familiar feel and control, power position to increase force when cutting thick materials and ergonomic left or right to take pressure off one’s wrist and to improve sightlines.
  • Ergo Control – The ergo control handle design is ergonomically sculpted to fit one’s hand comfortably. The longer handle also helps improve control and grip.
  • Comfort Loop – The comfort loop handle features a curved, loop-handle design that provides a natural fit for one’s hand, improves control and allows users to keep the cutter in hand while rearranging materials.
  • Classic Stick – A symmetrical handle design makes freehand cutting easy for right- and left-handed users.
  • Rotary Ruler Combo – Unlike traditional hand-held rotary cutters, this style attaches a rotary cutter blade to a ruler, so users don’t have to struggle with a misaligned ruler or worry about holding the rotary cutter straight. The ergonomic handle slides along the edge of the ruler and a spring-action rotary blade make clean cuts through multiple layers of fabric easily. The built-in ruler is available in two sizes – 12” x 12” or 6”x24”— and features a measuring grid with highlighted numbers that are easy to see on light or dark fabric.

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