Installing and ramping up a complete and automated flow solution in an optical lab - within a day

The modularity and clear interfaces of FlexLink’s automated production flow solutions for optical labs cuts down installation and ramp-up time to fractions.

The handling of the individual production orders (jobs) of eye glasses in optical labs is traditionally manually. For larger optical labs, the handling of the trays for the lenses and production orders has been automated for several years and FlexLink are now taking a further step ahead with newly developed state-of-the-art solutions for the small up to the larger labs.

      Quality guaranteed as the trays are gently handled with full access to escort memories for flow control and production sequence

      Integration and ramp-up is fast and easy due to the standardized design of the tray handling functions with clear interfaces to machinery and operators

      Increased cleanliness and reduced complexity of installations thanks to electric instead of pneumatic handling functions and compact, clean layouts

      Fast and accurate delivery of glasses as each production order is handled individually for the shortest throughput time

      Enhancement and continuous improvements of the lab, thanks to the user friendly and standardized, software based Youtilize solutions for condition monitoring, Yield & OEE metrics and smart routing

“In a recent case, we managed to install and ramp-up the equipment for a whole medium size lab within one day. Besides the obvious issues such as he safe and efficient handling of the trays and the smart routing, it gives a number of indirect benefits enhancing typical Lean issues like 5S, minimization of throughput time and general cleanliness.” concludes Ken Lento, Strategic Business Unit Manager - Unique Products, FlexLink & Laetus US.

FlexLink is a leading provider of automation solutions for the optical lab industry since more than 10 years and our solutions are integrated in more than 200 labs worldwide.

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FlexLink is a leading provider of automated production flow solutions to assembly and manufacturing industries. Headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden, FlexLink operates sales units in 24 countries and is represented in more than 60. In 2012, FlexLink had 770 employees and the group turnover was 1,603 million SEK.

FlexLink is part of the Coesia Group consisting of 14 companies specialized in automated machinery and industrial process solutions. In 2012, the Coesia Group had a turnover of 1,370 M€ (pro-forma) and 5,500 employees.


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FlexLink is a world-class factory automation expert. Working closely with global customers, we provide innovative, automated solutions to produce goods smarter, safer and at lower operating costs. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, FlexLink has operating units in 30 countries and is represented in more than 60. In 2016, FlexLink had 989 employees and a turnover of SEK 2,114 million / € 223 million. FlexLink is part of Coesia, an innovation based Group consisting of 14 companies specialized in automated machinery and industrial process solutions. For 2015, the Coesia Group had a turnover of € 1,534 million and 6,000 employees.



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