Cementitious Urethanes Offer Protection Against Spoilage in Wine Cellar Environments

While it is widely known that a good bottle of wine will improve with age, it is lesser known that the wrong storage conditions can make it deteriorate rapidly. 

In a recent study of eight American wine cellars, it was the floors and drains that were identified as the sites most likely to be contaminated. Even the cleanest of the facilities in the study was still at risk of spoilage problems if the floor was dirty.

Many wineries install concrete floors; however this is porous and can easily crack and degrade if not properly maintained. Once the integrity of the surface has been compromised the floor will become a contamination risk, as microbiological pathogens will easily accumulate and the cleaning process won’t be as effective in clearing them away.   

In order to counteract the risk of spoilage resulting from a contaminated processing environment, Flowcrete Americas will be showcasing its hygienic cementitious urethane technology to a wealth of the nation’s largest wine producers at the upcoming Unified Wine & Grape Symposium from January 28 - 29 2015.

The show, which is considered the largest event of its kind in the western hemisphere, is held annually at the Sacramento Convention Center in California and congregates growers, vintners and allied industry members.

On booth 2408 Flowcrete Americas will be demonstrating the antimicrobial properties of its popular Flowfresh cementitious urethane flooring range, which has been uniquely engineered to meet the harsh production and processing conditions of the US food and beverage industries.

In addition to the material’s enhanced hygiene protection combined with its excellent chemical, thermal and slip resistance properties, the Flowfresh flooring range is also phthalate free, fulfilling all of the health and safety requirements of the winemaking industry.

With over 30 years of experience in the resin flooring industry, Flowcrete Americas has built up a large network of clients in the US winemaking sector including The Southwest Wine Company, E & J Gallo & Rutherford Hill Winery.

Flowcrete Americas has produced a white paper to help winery operators recognize potential flooring problems and the options available to them.

The whitepaper explains how the robust and seamless nature of cementitious urethane can cope with heavy vehicular traffic, barrel transportation, corrosion from wine acids, humid conditions and staining much better than concrete – providing a reliable, easy to clean surface. 

To download the white paper, please visit www.flowcreteamericas.com/whitepapers.

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In a recent study of eight American wine cellars, it was the floors and drains that were identified as the sites most likely to be contaminated. Even the cleanest of the facilities in the study was still at risk of spoilage problems if the floor was dirty.
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