Find out About Flowfresh at Food & Service 2014

At Food & Service 2014, Chile’s food industry suppliers can find out how the country’s first cementitious urethane floor to include an antimicrobial additive can help facilities to meet the highest hygiene standards.

Over 300 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest food and beverage industry innovations at the event, which will take place from 3rd-5th September at the Espacio Riesco Convention Center. This includes the resin flooring specialists Flowcrete Americas, which will be displaying its food-safe-flooring system Flowfresh at booth C26.

Food & Service 2014 is an excellent opportunity for the 12,000 attending industry professionals to network, share information and discover more about the newest products and most up to date technologies to come to the market. 

A long list of professionals will be attending the event, including executives, decision makers, operations managers, purchasers, chefs, nutritionists and safety experts - representing everything from supermarkets, convenience stores and retail venues to casinos, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

The Managing Director of Flowcrete Americas, Dave McNeece, said: “Food & Service 2014 is a great opportunity for us to introduce Flowfresh to Chile’s food suppliers, as we will be able to explain the benefits and practicalities of installing a Flowfresh floor face-to-face with the field’s key individuals.

“Flowfresh represents a new generation of food-safe flooring within Chile, as it will provide a first-rate floor that has been tailored specifically to enhance on-site hygiene while simultaneously providing added operational benefits that maximize the site’s potential.”  

Flowcrete Americas will be at the event together with Productos Cave, a Euclid Chemicals company, which it is working in partnership with to bring its range of seamless urethane systems to Chile’s food and beverage industry.

Flowfresh is ideal for food environments, as not only does it create a seamless finish that is easy to clean, but it has the antimicrobial additive Polygiene® incorporated throughout the resin material.

Polygiene® is able to inhibit the growth of 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of the floor. It works by emitting powerful silver ions capable of destroying all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that it comes into contact with.

The strength and durability of cementitious urethane, combined with its resistance to chemicals and thermal shock, means that Flowfresh will be able to maintain an unblemished, impermeable and crack-free finish for an extended period of time.

This is a vital factor for areas involved in the manufacture, storage, processing and sale of food, as it ensures that the floor does not harbor unwanted bacteria in hard-to-clean gaps and cracks. Failing to eradicate these sources of contamination could lead to the produce being compromised – a scenario that could have highly damaging consequences, both financially and to the company’s brand reputation. 

The robust nature of every solution in the Flowfresh range means facility managers can confidently expose the floor to the typical challenges of food environments, such as frequent hot water washes, corrosive cleaning chemicals and continuous use, without worrying for the floor’s seamless nature or appearance.

Developers can make use of the adaptability of the Flowfresh system to increase safety levels with the inclusion of anti-slip aggregates or signage, both of which can be tailored to bespoke requirements. In addition locations where aesthetics are a significant factor can make use of the system’s design versatility and range of colors to install eye-catching and attractive floors.

Food suppliers interested in finding out more can talk to Flowcrete Americas in-depth about specific issues, locations and projects at the resin flooring specialist’s booth. 

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